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Well, have to fly. So much to do, so little time.

Zuzu is a hornbill who makes her first and only appearance in A Tale of Two Brothers. She is the mother of Zazu and the first majordomo of the Pride Lands.



My family and I take our morning exercise flights all around the Pride Lands. We see everything from Pride Rock to the blue hills.
―Zuzu to Rafiki

Zuzu is a hornbill who lived during the reign of Ahadi. Before becoming majordomo, she and her family would take their morning exercise flights around the Pride Lands, getting a good view of all the day-to-day problems of the kingdom.

The Lion King: Six New Adventures

A Tale of Two Brothers

Ahadi: Would you take the job, Zuzu?
Zuzu: Yes, Your Majesty.
Ahadi: So be it! From this day forward, you and your family shall be stewards to the kings of the Pride Lands.
—Ahadi and Zuzu

Zuzu first appears when Rafiki is entering the Pride Lands. Taking sight of his exhausted appearance, she suggests he go to Five Stones, and he appreciatively takes her up on the offer. Zuzu later appears with other Pride Landers before Ahadi and explains to him that the hyenas have become a real problem.

Not long after this, she is sent by Rafiki to retrieve Ahadi, since the king's sons are in trouble. After the incident, Ahadi appoints her and her family to be stewards to all the future Lion Kings.

How True, Zazu?

It is revealed that she retired and passed on the title of majordomo to her son, Zazu.


Zuzu: That's right. They're attacking everything that moves, the monkeys, the oxpeckers, the springboks, the gazelles, the-
Ahadi: Asante sana. Thank you, Zuzu.
Ahadi and Zuzu

Flirtatious and gossipy, Zuzu is a very maternal bird who never passes up the chance for some juicy gossip, much like her son, Zazu. Her talkative nature and nosy habits often make her a bit of an annoyance to the other animals, though Ahadi puts her personality to good use in order to get a better grip on the doings of his kingdom. Zuzu is also known for being loyal and brave, as she was willing to help Rafiki even though she did not fully understand the danger Mufasa was in.


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