Zira's ambush
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Zira's ambush
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The Gorge




Nuka is killed
Kovu abandons the Outsiders


The Lion King II: Simba's Pride

Zira's ambush is an unsuccessful assassination attempt on Simba by Zira and the Outsiders as revenge for Scar's death.



Zira hatches a plan to murder Simba and sends Kovu to seduce Simba's daughter, Kiara, while simultaneously getting close to the king so he can eventually kill him. However, Kovu falls in love with Kiara and gives up on the conspiracy, a betrayal which Vitani informs Zira of. The following day, Simba and Kovu go to a devastated part of the Pride Lands, where Outsiders surround them. Zira congratulates Kovu for bringing Simba with him, and Simba believes Kovu to have betrayed the Pridelanders. Pleased, Zira orders the attack.

The Battle

The lionesses jump at Simba, biting and hitting him. Kovu tries to help Simba, but Vitani knocks him out. Simba then falls into the gorge, and the Outsiders follow him. He manages to reach the dam and climb it, leaving the Outsiders behind.


The Outsiders attack Simba

Kovu is in perfect position to kill the king, but he does nothing, infuriating Zira. Taking his brother's place, Nuka climbs up the dam, seeing his chance to prove to Zira that he is better than Kovu. He sinks his claws into Simba's leg, but the log on which he is standing breaks, and Nuka falls down the dam. Simba jumps to safety, causing a few logs to fall on Nuka. Kovu jumps to help his brother, but Zira aggressively pushes him aside and continues to dig through the logs until she finds Nuka, buried beneath the rubble and dying. He apologizes for being a failure and then dies in his mother's caress. Vitani, Kovu, and the other Outsiders join Zira in mourning for Nuka, but Zira's sadness soon turns into anger, and she claws Kovu in the eye, creating a scar similar to Scar's. She then accuses Kovu of betraying his pride and killing his brother, an accusation which causes Kovu to run away from her. With her traitorous son gone, Zira announces to her pride that Simba's entire kingdom will be taken by force.


  • Nuka's original death scene was longer. As he lies crushed beneath the logs, Zira cradles his head gently with her paw. Pleased with her affection, Nuka manages to say, "Well, I finally got your attention, didn't I?" Zira smiles at this, and with a final croak of, "Didn't I...," he finally dies.


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The History of the Pride Lands

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