Zazu (2019 film)
"Do you see any other big, lovable chunk of warthog here?"
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Zazu (2019 film)
Zazu 2019
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Zazu is a male hornbill. He is the majordomo of the Pride Lands.


The Lion King

Zazu bows to Mufasa at Simba's presentation

Zazu attends the presentation of Simba.

After the ceremony, he warns Scar that Mufasa is coming, as he is displeased with Scar for missing Simba’s presentation. Scar attempts to eat Zazu, but Mufasa stops him. The brothers argue over Scar’s right to the throne, with Zazu supporting Mufasa’s claims. Eventually, Scar wanders off, and Zazu wonders why Mufasa refuses to run him off. He then tells a story about his cousin who’d thought he was a woodpecker. As Mufasa leaves, Zazu follows him.

Zazu delivers the morning report to Mufasa

Months later, Zazu delivers a morning report to Mufasa. As he drones on, Mufasa instructs Simba in a pouncing lesson. Simba pounces on Zazu, who flutters off in a huff. The hornbill soon returns with news that hyenas are invading the Pride Lands. Mufasa leaves to deal with the invasion, while Zazu guides Simba home.

Not long after, Zazu escorts Simba and Nala to the water hole. He informs them that they will one day be married, to which both react with disgust. Simba declares that he does not have to marry anyone, as he will be the king, but Zazu insists that it is tradition. The cubs race away and get lost in the water hole, with Zazu frantically pursuing them.

Zazu, Simba, and Nala during "I Just Can’t Wait to Be King"

Eventually, Zazu finds them at the Elephant Graveyard and defends them from Shenzi and her hyena clan. He warns her that she will be starting a war with Mufasa should she harm Simba, but Shenzi orders the attack anyway. Mufasa shows up in time and fends off the hyenas.

The cubs return to the Pride Lands, and Mufasa instructs Zazu to take Nala home. Before going, Zazu encourages Mufasa to go easy on Simba, for Mufasa had been a rambunctious cub himself.

Simba Nala and Zazu 2019

Zazu allies with Simba and Nala to overthrow Scar

The next day, Zazu witnesses the stampede. Scar sends him to fetch the pride while he helps Mufasa save Simba.

After Mufasa’s death, Scar becomes the king. Zazu and Rafiki watch from a distance, displeased, as Scar allows hyenas into the Pride Lands.

Over the years, Zazu continues to report to Mufasa’s widowed queen, Sarabi, despite Scar’s efforts to run him off. One night, a young adult Nala attempts an escape. Zazu assists her by distracting Scar and the hyenas.

Later, Simba returns to the Pride Lands, and Zazu welcomes him back. He helps Simba defeat the hyenas and witnesses his coronation.

Zazu also attends the presentation of Simba and Nala's son.



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