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Zazu (2019 film)
"Do you see any other big, lovable chunk of warthog here?"
This article is about the character from the 2019 film.
You may be looking for the character from the 1994 film.

Zazu (2019 film)
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Oh, come on! It's the news!

Zazu is a male hornbill. He is the majordomo of the Pride Lands.

Zazu served Mufasa and Sarabi and attended the presentation of their newborn son, Simba. He scolded Mufasa's brother, Scar, for being absent from the ceremony.

Some months later, Zazu was assigned to accompany Simba and his friend Nala to the water hole. However, the cubs succeeded in losing him and ventured into the Elephant Graveyard instead. Zazu caught up with the cubs and attempted to defend them from Shenzi. When this plan failed, Zazu instead went to fetch Mufasa, who repelled the hyenas and escorted them all back to the Pride Lands.

The next day, Zazu witnessed a stampede in which Mufasa and Simba were both caught. Scar sent Zazu to fetch the pride, but Mufasa and Simba were supposedly both dead by the time he returned. Zazu looked on as Scar assumed the throne, though he continued to report to Sarabi instead of Scar. One night, Zazu aided Nala in sneaking out of the Pride Lands.

Zazu was elated to witness the return of Simba and fought alongside him in the Battle of Pride Rock. He subsequently witnessed Simba's coronation and, later, the presentation of his cub.


Early life

I remember a cub, a certain headstrong cub, who was always getting into scrapes.
―Zazu, on Mufasa[src]

Zazu knew Mufasa when the king was a cub. He would later recall the mischievous antics Mufasa got up to in his youth.[1]

Simba's presentation

You will answer to Mufasa for missing the ceremony this morning.
―Zazu to Scar[src]

Zazu scolds Scar for being absent at Simba's presentation.

Zazu attended the presentation of Simba. After the ceremony, he warned Scar that Mufasa was coming, as he was displeased with Scar for missing Simba’s presentation. Scar attempted to eat Zazu, but Mufasa stopped him. The brothers argued over Scar’s right to the throne, with Zazu supporting Mufasa’s claims. Eventually, Scar wandered off, and Zazu wondered why Mufasa refused to run him off. He then told a story about his cousin who’d thought he was a woodpecker. As Mufasa left, Zazu followed him.[1]

Looking after Simba

You can't hide from me, Simba! It is my sworn duty to keep you safe!
―Zazu, as Simba evades him[src]

Months later, Zazu delivered a morning report to Mufasa. As he droned on, Mufasa instructed Simba in a pouncing lesson. Simba pounced on Zazu, who fluttered off in a huff. The hornbill soon returned with news that hyenas were invading the Pride Lands. Mufasa left to deal with the invasion, while Zazu guided Simba home.

Zazu attempts to defend Simba and Nala from Shenzi.

Not long after, Zazu escorted Simba and Nala to the water hole. He informed them that they would one day be married, to which both reacted with disgust. Simba declared that he did not have to marry anyone, as he would be the king, but Zazu insisted that it was tradition. The cubs raced away and got lost in the water hole, with Zazu frantically pursuing them.

Eventually, Zazu found them at the Elephant Graveyard and defended them from Shenzi and her hyena clan. He warned her that she would be starting a war with Mufasa should she harm Simba, but Shenzi ordered the attack anyway. Mufasa showed up in time and fended off the hyenas. The cubs returned to the Pride Lands, and Mufasa instructed Zazu to take Nala home. Before going, Zazu encouraged Mufasa to go easy on Simba, for Mufasa had been a rambunctious cub himself.[1]

Scar's reign and Simba's return

Simba, we are with you until the end.
―Zazu, before the Battle of Pride Rock[src]

Zazu attacks a hyena during the Battle of Pride Rock.

The next day, Zazu witnessed the stampede. Scar sent him to fetch the pride while he helped Mufasa save Simba. However, while Zazu was away, Scar instead threw Mufasa to his death and banished Simba from the kingdom. After Mufasa’s death, Scar became the king. Zazu and Rafiki watched from a distance, displeased, as Scar allowed hyenas into the Pride Lands.

Over the years, Zazu continued to report to Mufasa’s widowed queen, Sarabi, despite Scar’s efforts to run him off. One night, a young adult Nala attempted an escape. Though Zazu at first tried to convince her to stay, he eventually assisted her by distracting Scar and the hyenas. Later, Simba returned to the Pride Lands, and Zazu welcomed him back. He helped Simba defeat the hyenas and witnessed his coronation.

Some months later, Zazu attended the presentation of Simba and Nala's cub.[1]

Physical appearance

Kings don't need advice from little hornbills, for a start!
Nala, on Zazu[src]

Zazu is a delicately-built hornbill with a long, curved, orange beak. He has colorful feathers of blue, white, and gray hues, including a pattern of white spots on his wings and a ridge of black running along the top of his head. His eyes, framed by patches of blue skin, are beady and yellow, and he has black-scaled talons with long, black claws protruding from his toes.[1]

Personality and traits

Come along. Keep up. Let's move in a unit. Okay, buddy system.
―Zazu, as he escorts Simba and Nala to the water hole[src]

Zazu is blunt and knowledgeable. He is no-nonsense and has a serious sense of duty. Due to his small stature and personality, he wasn't taken seriously by Simba and Nala, though he is trusted by Sarabi. He is also comedic, as he adds puns to his morning report and frequently mentions his brother and cousin, who thought they were woodpeckers. He is also brave, as he visited Pride Rock to give the morning report to Sarabi and Nala despite Scar's animosity toward him.[1]




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