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Zazu's Tree is the home of Zazu (and Gopher).


Zazu's tree appears to be a large greenish tree with a door at the top. The inside of the tree is shown to have office supplies, a calender, a book shelf, and a large chair. Zazu also has a nest in his tree with a Mufasa-like clock at the top of it. Outside of the tree, there is a sign that is labeled Zazu Jungle Administrator.


The Lion King's Timon & Pumbaa

"Zazu's Off-by-One Day"

When Zazu goes to his home, he sees that it is very messy. Gopher tells him that he was reorganizing it, but the hornbill forces him to un-reorganize because the Jungle Inspector is going to show up the next day. Gopher shows him that the inspector is actually showing up the current day, making the two panic and clean up the mess. Gopher tells Zazu that the inspector is already outside of the tree. When Zazu opens his door, the tree gets messy again. Zazu finds the inspector, who tells him that he left out one animal on his animal list. Due to that, he fires Zazu and gives Zazu's job to Gopher.

Later in the episode, Zazu realizes that he forgot to count himself on the list and therefore flies back to his tree to give the inspector his now-complete list of animals. The inspector gives Zazu his job back, though it shows that Zazu and Gopher's jobs are switched.

"Zazu's Off Day Off"

Zazu is seen sleeping in his tree at the beginning and his Mufasa clock roars and Zazu is rejoiced that it is his day off. Unfortunately, he has to work because of an elephant named Jumbo Jumbo, who is blocking the river.

Zazu goes to his tree and finds a book on how he can remove an elephant. When his first two plans of removing Jumbo Jumbo off the river fail, he goes back to his tree to find more ways of getting rid of the elephant. After Jumbo Jumbo tells Zazu that it is his day off and Zazu corrects him by saying that the hornbill is the only one who can have a day off today, the elephant leaves the river, making the water splash Zazu all the way to his tree.

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