Which Way Out?
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The United Kingdom


The Lion Guard Magazine


July 2016



Which Way Out? is a comic inspired by The Lion Guard. It follows Kion, the leader of the Lion Guard, as he and his team attempt to navigate the Outlands.



While on patrol, the Lion Guard spots Janja and his cronies, Cheezi and Chungu, invading the Pride Lands. The team immediately takes chase, forcing the hyenas back into the Outlands, but once out of the Pride Lands, the Lion Guard becomes lost in a maze of rock walls. Bunga suggests that they split up, but Kion reminds him that that is exactly what Janja wants and that the hyenas are likely waiting in ambush.

Just then, Beshte and Ono each proclaim that they have an idea. Kion resolves to use one of their plans and to leave the other in reserve. At this point in the comic, the reader can either choose to follow Beshte's plan or Ono's.

Ono's Plan

Kion asks Ono what his plan is, and Ono declares that the hyenas have led them into a trap. Kion is surprised at their intelligence, but Ono points out that they have overlooked one thing: the Lion Guard has a member who can fly. As the rest of the team watches from below, Ono takes to the air and uses his keen eyesight to lead his friends out of the maze.

Beshte's Plan

Beshte proclaims that the hyenas had planned to trap the Lion Guard in a maze of solid rock. However, the rock is only solid for hyenas, not for a hippopotamus like Beshte. With the Lion Guard looking on in delight, Beshte uses his enormous strength to knock down several pillars of rock and open a pathway for the team to reach safety.


Together, the Lion Guard emerges from the Outlands. Janja is shocked that they have escaped and resolves to force them back into the maze. The hyenas take off in pursuit of the Lion Guard, but they soon find themselves lost in the Outlands, and the Lion Guard happily proclaims that the hyenas will not be making trouble any time soon.


  • Janja's ear notch is continually shown on his right ear rather than his left.
    • Additionally, in one panel of the comic, his nose is red rather than black.


Ono's Version

Beshte's Version

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