When I Led the Guard
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Beau Black


Beau Black


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The Lion Guard

Have I ever told you how I got my scar?
Scar to Ushari[src]

"When I Led the Guard" is a song composed by Beau Black for The Lion Guard. It is sung by Scar as he explains how he obtained his scar.


When I was the Lion Guard's fiercest
I took most patrols on my own
So when I met this strange lion
I had no fear of being alone

He said he had wisdom and power
And the most powerful should be king
With help from me and my Roar
He and I could rule everything

I found his idea intriguing
Though the most powerful lion was me
But the strange lion was scheming
And had a friend that I didn't see
That's how I got my scar
From when I led the Guard

The lion would cure the snake's venom
As long as I did what he said
But I lost control and in rage
I roared and destroyed them instead
I expected to be praised near and far
For stopping that traitorous thing
But Mufasa just nicknamed me ‘Scar’
Then I knew he shouldn't be king
That's when I became Scar
From when I led the Guard

My first plot for vengeance
Was spoiled when I lost the Roar
My second plan later succeeded
Mufasa was the king no more
If it wasn't for that miserable Simba
I would've ruled Pride Rock to this day
But now, it is time
For Simba and Kion to pay
That's why I still am Scar
From when I led the Guard
Oh, oh
That's why I still am Scar
And why I'll destroy the Guard!


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