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Warthogs are creatures that inhabit the Pride Lands.

In the Universe

In the Films

Pumbaa is the only warthog character in any of the films. He serves as a comedic protagonist alongside his friend Timon. There are implied to be more warthogs in The Lion King 1½, as Pumbaa reveals himself to be an outcast like Timon when the latter asks if he's "all alone in the big empty world."

In The Lion King II: Simba's Pride, two warthogs can be seen during "He Lives In You" next to two rhinos.

In the The Lion King's Timon & Pumbaa

In the episode "Home is Where the Hog Is," it is revealed that Pumbaa was a member of a group of warthog sounders. It was lead by Pumbaa's former girlfriend Sharla and three unnamed male warthogs. They've banished Pumbaa from their colony due to his smell. Pumbaa (and Timon) returns to save them from their worst nightmare: the guinea fowls. After doing so, Sharla tells Pumbaa that he should stay with them, but he would rather stay with Timon. So Timon and Pumbaa leave the warthogs.

In King of the Jungle

In the May 1990 version of the script (titled King of the Beasts), an angry warthog chases young Simba straight into the midst of a vicious clan of hyenas. In order to rake in debt from Mufasa, the alpha male Banagi orders his cronies to drive the warthog away, saving Simba from further harm.

In The Lion King: Six New Adventures

In A Tale of Two Brothers

Warthogs can be seen complaining to Ahadi about the drought.

In The Lion Guard

In "The Call of the Drongo"

Tamaa rides a warthog during the musical sequence "Bird of a Thousand Voices"

Notable Warthogs