Tama welcomes a Butterfly

I know there's been talk about Kovu, Vitani, and Nuka's parents. My theory is that Chumvi is Kovu and Vitani's father. His fur color is slightly Simmilar to Kovu's. Evan though he doesn't look like Vitani. Now I think there mother is Tama. She is the only other lioness to have a hair tuft. I think Chumvi is the King of another pride and Tama was his Queen. And Zira was a part of that pride too. Now I think Zira and Tama where best friends, but for some reasone Zira got chased out by Chumvi.Maybe she meat another male lion on the way to the pridelands and had Nuka.Then she came across the pridelands and meet Scar. While Chumvi and Tama had Kovu and Vitani.

Now when Scar is King there's hardly any food, so maybe the pridelands and Chumvi's pride are close enough together that they had no food as well. Maybe Chumvi's pride was starving to death, so Tama, still trusting Zira takes her cubs to her so she can raise them. Since there were no other cubs than Kovu, Vitani, and nuka, scar chose Kovu to be the next king because Vitani is female and nuka is just...Nuka. Therefore Kovu was the strongest cub.

                        Other possible parents
Kula by thanigraphics

Vitani in shock (adult)
Kovu Zira Death
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