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  • I live in Virginia
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File:Simba paw cursor 3.png
Weeping simba 2

Golden weeping Simba.

Simba sad 2

A golden sad Simba.

Shocked simba 2

A golden shocked Simba.

Angry simba 3

Golden angry Simba.

Unamused simba 2

Golden unamused Simba.

Unamused simba 1

A brighter version of unamused Simba.

Weeping simba 1

A brighter weeping Simba.

Shocked simba 1

A brighter shocked Simba.

Angry simba 1

Brighter angry Simba.

Simba sad 1

Brighter sad Simba.

Indifferent simba

Indifferent Simba.

Bashful simba

Bashful Simba. (Yes, I realize he's actually being anything but bashful in this scene, but the screencap looks bashful so I'm going with that.

Unamused simba

Unamused Simba.

Confused simba

Confused Simba.

Laughing simba 1

Laughing Simba version 1.

Weeping simba

Weeping Simba.

Goofy simba

Goofy Simba.

Smiling simba

Smiling Simba.

Shocked simba

Shocked Simba.

Winky simba

Winking Simba

Angry simba 2

Angry Simba

Absurdly happy simba

An absurdly happy Simba for a project I'm working on.

Simba sad

Sad Simba, for project I'm working on.

12620943 1032766620115486 1735260718 o

Evil Simba

12633312 1032799666778848 817379262 o

Weirded out Simba

12637046 1033274263398055 954966831 o

Satisfied Simba

12630855 1037089076349907 1616231791 o

Dead Simba.

12656437 1037145356344279 1585399674 o

Unamused Simba.

12630858 1037146913010790 1896620536 o

Evil Simba

12633249 1037156429676505 877245046 o

I don't really know how to describe this. ^_^ Simba.

12656009 1037158499676298 235759849 o

Simba Angry Face

12620670 1037161629675985 512923893 o

Sad Simba

12637330 1037164876342327 1079761882 o

Angry Simba

12670024 1037168766341938 671663755 o

Shocked Simba

12636878 1037176373007844 810308825 o

Unamused Simba

12632932 1037180456340769 2105033642 o

Heart-eyed Simba

12636903 1037237153001766 144507098 o

Shocked Simba

12633030 1037238129668335 2036688611 o

Unamused Simba

Well I'm new here. I love the Lion King and I think this is just a cool place.

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