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Personal life

Shay is a short person that enjoys coffee, tea and cats. She's currently in college finishing up her Graphic Communications degree. Her ultimate goal is to be a nature photographer, but until then she works in a popcorn shop as a "professional popcorn popper/maker." She has two cats and will take any chance she can to talk about them.

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a rare image of Honeyfur yelling at Shay

Wiki life

Shay is a veteran positively ancient user on the wiki (almost as old as Honeyfur!). She joined all the way back in July of 2012, and became admin in December of that same year. Throughout the years, Shay has made many friends on Wikia, she'd name them but can't because of laziness.

Her strengths include coding, designing and making repetitive edits. Her weakness on the other hand is grammar, which she turns to her bestest friendo Honeyfur for help. Fun fact, Shay once attempted to write a page, but got laughed at when it was discovered years later. The page will remain a secret to save her from more embarrassment, unless you guys find the page.

A rare image of Shay taking out her fury on wiki trolls

Shay is most active late at night when everyone is asleep. Part of the reason is because she can edit peacefully, the other part is because of the amount of caffeine running through her veins is preventing sleep.

Even though she's usually active late at night, she still has the wiki on "speed dial" on her phone and can check up on the wiki at any given time, so be prepared.


Shay's favorite Disney movie is the Lion King. In her free time, she enjoys drawing, taking photos, watching anime, listening to music, Simb, annoying Honeyfur and kicking Hylian from chat. She also loves blankets, naps, cats. Shay listens to a wide range of music. 80's Classic Rock being her favorite. Currently she can be found listening on Spotify to David Bowie, Elton John and Queen Beyoncé, her absolute favorite artist.


There aren't many things Shay dislikes... actually there's a lot of things Shay dislikes, but to keep it simple, she dislikes clowns, trolls, and people who vandalize.


  • Shay's ringtone on her phone is Circle of Life.
  • Her favorite version of He Lives In You is in German. -> [1]
  • When in her design classes in college she'd hide the Simba drawing somewhere in the project to see how long it took for the teacher to catch on.
  • Her favorite character is Rock'n'cha due to his deeply profound character arc. In second place is Dembe the Dung Beetle.

Favorite Quotes

Fire is a killer. Sometimes, what's left behind can grow better than the generation before, if given the chance.
Listen, you think you can just show up and tell me how to live my life? You don't even know what I've been through!
Oh, yes, the past can hurt, but the way I see it, you can either run from it or learn from it.
k cool btw I am Keyara the great golden lioness see you soon <3


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