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aka Cheeseball

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  • I live in your house
  • I was born on December 14
  • My occupation is Pokemon Trainer, Yu-Gi-Oh! duelist, Digimon tamer, Punk, Metalhead, useless wikia user :)
  • I am a dude behind a monitor


Sup d00ds, Marco here. so yeah I've been on wikia since... January 2012 but decided to check this out and it seemed promising,so why not joining? I've been mostly to Spanish wikias but I like to hang around at english ones such as this one, cus Spanish is my native language but I'm fluent in English so I get to talk to you all here =) But not only that, must say I'm also here cus to me TLK marks a huge impact in my childhood, I was 3 years old when I saw it for the first time and I've always called it my #1 animation, even to this day I still keep that old VHS tape in its case xD but yeah from all Disney I'd say TLK is my all-time fave, but have some other fave films out there, like Aladdin, Fox and the Hound, Nightmare before Christmas and on and on. Besides that I'm also I'm also a huge gamer but you won't see me online much cus I mainly play old school stuff (NES,SNES,N64,PS1 and 2) but yeah if you ever wanna add me on game networks:

PlayStation Network: HylianWarrior91

Xbox live: same as above

3DS Code: 3523 2388 1882

I'm also a huge Yu-gi-oh fan and veteran duelist btw so if you wanna add me on Duel Links feel free, I'm always down for a duel, my ID there is: Hylian91

New Skype name: live:marko_metallum (not gaming related but just made that new account in case we can talk in a place other than here) x3

Favorite Game Series

I'd say my fave company is Nintendo cus that's what I grew up with, so yeah love everything they produce, all their series ad stuff but let's list a few:

- Legend of Zelda (fave <3)

- Pokemon

- Mario Bros

- Metroid

- Starfox

yeah pretty much anything nintendo related... so non-nintendo I guess...

- Resident Evil

- Silent Hill

- Metal Gear Solid

- Street Fighter

- Megaman

- Kingdom Hearts (specially the second one, y'all in here know why.. *cough* Pridelands...)

- Sonic the Hedgehog

- Spyro the Dragon

- Crash Bandicoot

- Sly Cooper

- Fatal Frame

and many more but I'll leave it at that for now... and yeah I actually have 3 versions of TLK game, SNES, Genesis and Game Gear, I think the SNES version is the best, and yeah if you've played the game then you know the pain it can be, it gets really frustrating at some parts xD

Some other stuff...

well besides that I like anime as well, but I wouldn't call myself an Otaku, I just watch casually when I have time, my top animes would be:

- Dragon Ball Z

- Saint Seiya

- Pokemon

- Digimon

- Yu-Gi-Oh!

- Beyblade

- Medabots

- Monster Rancher

Those r classics I loved as a kid, but modern anime is alright so far I liked, Death Note, Mirai Nikki, Evangelion, Akame ga Kill and a few others.

So I'm just gonna end this with the music I like and believe me that I could talk about thos all day like as with games but I'll try to summarize. My fave genres range from classic rock, to modern Deathcore, which means that in the middle of those too theres' alternative, punk, metal, metalcore and stuff like that, pretty much anything rock/metal related. Bands like Slayer, Pantera, Iron Maiden, Testament, Misfits. but also like modern stuff like Asking Alexandria, Betraying the Martyrs, Of Mice & Men, Capture the Crown, Motionless in White and on and on... but most favorite band is Dethklok, which leads to my fave TV show, Metalocalypse.

I'll add to this or maybe fix it to look better later on, for now I just wanted to put something here xD

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