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Simba, the King of Pride Rock

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Hi, my name is Christian, but my nickname is Chris hence my user name. I have been editing on Wikipedia since I was fourteen hence the 14 in my user name. I was born in 1994, the birth year of The Lion King, which remains my favorite movie of all-time. I also love The Lion King II: Simba's Pride and The Lion King 1½. So, it is a privilege and a honor to be on The Lion King Wikia.

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My theories

  • Does Mheetu exist in The Lion King movie universe? - I believe Mheetu doesn't exist. If he existed, then we would have seen him in The Lion King. He was never mentioned in the films either so Mheetu does not exist.

  • Who was the cub at the end of The Lion King? - The Lion King directors on the audio commentary found on the DVD releases called the cub "Fluffy", and never given it an official name or gender even though The Lion King: Six New Adventures were released by the time, which stated the cub was Kopa. The official sequel, The Lion King II, clearly states it is Kiara (hence the official trailer), and didn't give her any older siblings so "Fluffy/Kiara" was the cub at the end of The Lion King in the official movie universe. However, Kopa is the cub at the end, but just in the book universe (where Kiara does not exist) as some Lion King storybooks claim the cub was a "son" so Six New Adventures would be a sequel to those storybooks.

  • Are Nuka and Vitani Scar's cubs? - With Darrell Rooney's confirmation made stating Zira is not Scar's mate, neither of them are Scar's cubs so all three assumingly share the same father. And even if Scar would have mated with Zira, Scar didn't truly love Zira as much Zira loved him as Scar saw Zira as someone who'll "create a host of little Scars" for him and gain "immortality". However, I still like to think of Nuka is Scar's only blood-related descendant, and it is possible that Vitani and Kovu are littermates since they appear around the same age and size.

  • Who is Kovu's father? - Not even Simba's Pride creators know this answer, as they originally intended for Scar to be his father, but that was scrapped. My theory is that Kovu's father was the original alpha lion for the Outsiders. A drought fell upon the territory they occupied, so they moved on to find somewhere else to live, and luckily, they found the Pridelands, but it was too suffering a drought. By that time, Nuka was born, and Zira was pregnant with Vitani and Kovu. Zira encountered Scar to ask if he could stay, and he replied that could, and fell in love with him, and overheard that Scar needed an heir. She offered Nuka to be his successor, but Scar refused to citing he was weak. Zira told the king that she was expecting more cubs on the way, and months later, gave birth to Kovu and Vitani. Kovu's father grew jealous of Zira being around Scar so he confronted him, and Scar drove Kovu's father out of the Pridelands with the help of the hyenas. She got Kovu to chosen by Scar to his successor, and the Outsiders to be his additional followers.

  • Who is Nala's father? - Same as the previous question; not as its creators know as they "hope nobody would notice" so it is left up to fan interception until Disney gives us an official answer. The Lion King directors may have claimed that Mufasa or Scar could be Nala's father, but their words can't be be taken seriously since the film never states them acknowledging Nala as their daughter. My theory is that Sarafina mated with a male lion named Leo in her pride before joining Mufasa's pride. But, Leo wanted to be a rogue lion so he decided to leave Mufasa's pride and not raise Nala.

  • Who is Mohatu's cub? - My theory is that Uru was Mohatu's daughter. Mohatu is depicted in The Brightest Star as looking similiar to Mufasa, but with dark brown fur. Ahadi's depiction states he was green eyes and a black mane, and also I would state he has Mufasa's pelt fur. Neither of these traits could have Mohatu given to Ahadi although Mohatu's queen remains in question, so Uru could have dark brown fur and maybe Mufasa's red eyes. However, in A Tale of Two Brothers, it appears Ahadi has the most power, and if Uru is the royal cub, then why isn't she is command of the Pridelands? Well, the books were written by different authors, and Uru's personality is never revealed so I guess she never cared for power or being queen, and she allowed her mate to have the most power.

  • Did the hyenas survived the flames? - I believe Shenzi, Banzai, Ed, and the other hyenas survived the flames that consumed Pride Rock. There were some hyenas seen fleeing when it was showing Pride Rock on fire, and since Nuka stated that "the hyenas ran off" in The Lion King II: Simba's Pride, it is possible that some, if not all, the hyenas survived the fire.

  • Who was the lioness that spoke to Kiara as she was about to embark on her hunt? - I believe the lioness who said "My, how've you grown" to Kiara was Sarabi as it looked more like her, but without her ear rims or colored paws. However, on, it stated Zoe Leader gave uncredited voice-over to the film. So, the lioness looked more like Sarabi, but had Sarafina's voice.
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