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Unlikely Friends is a book inspired by The Lion Guard. It was published by Disney Press on May 3, 2016.


When Kion gets separated from the rest of the Lion Guard, he gets lost in the Outlands! Kion has to be careful while he's in hyena territory because all hyenas are dangerous...or are they? Kion makes a new friend and learns an important lesson in this exciting Level Pre-1 reader![1]


Janja and his minions are chasing an antelope herd only to be forced back towards the Outlands by the Lion Guard. Kion starts to follow the evil trio across a log above a river, but it breaks and he falls in. Fuli, Beshte, Bunga, and Ono attempt to help Kion, but they can do nothing. Luckily, Kion makes it to the opposite shore. Realizing that he is trapped in the Outlands by the river, Kion instructs the Lion Guard to meet him at Flat Ridge Rock.

Bunga mistakenly leads the Guard on a wild goose chase, but eventually they locate Flat Ridge Rock. Meanwhile, Kion finds himself face to face with a hyena, who introduces herself as Jasiri, and offers him help. Kion gruffly declines, but ends up going the wrong way and falls into a patch of tangled branches. Luckily, Jasiri helps Kion out of the mess, much to his surprise, and explains that not all hyenas are bad. Seeing that Kion is hurt, Jasiri accompanies him to the edge of the Outlands, then prepares to take her leave. Kion thanks her, but as he is leaving, he catches Janja's scent and doubles back. Janja and his clan have surrounded Jasiri, but Kion arrives just in time and uses the Roar of the Elders to defeat the band of hyenas.

Presently, the rest of the Lion Guard arrives. Fuli advances on Jasiri, believing her to be an enemy, but Kion defends the hyena and explains how she helped him. Beshte declares that if Jasiri is Kion's friend, then she is their friend too, and they all wish Jasiri a fond farewell.


  • This book used to have different titles, A New Friend and Not So Different.[2][3]
  • This book used to feature different cover art.[2][3][4]



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