Union of the Outsiders and Pride Landers
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Union of the Outsiders and Pride Landers
Event Information

Pride Rock


Mufasa (voice)
Pride Landers


The Outsiders join the pride
Kovu and Kiara are married
Kovu and Kiara become Simba's successors to Pride Rock


The Lion King II: Simba's Pride

Kovu, I was wrong. You belong here. Let's go home...all of us.
Simba receives the Outsiders[src]

The Union of the Outsiders and Pride Landers is the unification of the two prides and the presumed wedding of Kovu and Kiara after the Pride Lander-Outsider battle. It is the reunification of the two prides as a sign of reformation in the Pride Lands.



I'll never let it go! This is for you, Scar!
―Zira before attempting to attack Simba[src]

Zira shortly before falling to her death

Enraged by her eldest son's death, her youngest son's betrayal, and already bitter over Scar's, Zira wages war against the Pride Landers. The battle is stopped by Kovu and Kiara seconds before Zira and Simba can engage in battle, though Zira refuses to give up and attacks Simba. Kiara throws herself in front of the enraged lioness and with Zira, falls off a cliff. While Kiara manages to save herself and offers help to her enemy, Zira refuses out of pride and falls into the river to her death below. Simba then helps Kiara climb to the top of the cliff, where he admits that he had been wrong about Kovu. With the rest of the Pride Landers, he receives Kovu and the other Outsiders into the pride.

The union

Well done, my son. We are one.
Mufasa congratulates Simba on his decision to accept the Outsiders[src]

The combined pride roars

The entire pride gathers at Pride Rock for the celebration. There, they line up in a circle, where Rafiki is at the head, performing a joining ceremony for Kiara and Kovu. He raises his stick over the heads of the young lions, presumably officializing their marriage. Simba and Nala are touched, and Timon and Pumbaa even cry with happiness.

The lionesses slowly bow their heads as Simba and Nala and then Kovu and Kiara pass them. The entire royal family stops at the edge of Pride Rock, where together, they roar. First, Simba roars and then Kovu roars. After the royal family roars, the combined pride echoes them. Many animals gather in front of the pride's residence and are proud to welcome the union of the two prides. Rays of light break through the clouds and shine down on Simba's family. Mufasa's spirit then congratulates Simba on a wise decision regarding the acceptance of all the former members of the pride as equal parts of the circle of life.


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The History of the Pride Lands

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