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Uncle Max
Uncle Max
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Physical information




Hair color

Brown, cream, gray, and tan

Eye color


Distinguishing features

   Anvil-shaped head

Biographical information
Also known as





Hakuna Matata


Timon's colony


   Tunnel builder

Relationship information

Ma (sister or sister-in-law)
Timon (nephew)


Ma, Pumbaa, Timon


Banzai, Ed, Shenzi

Applaud now, sonny boy! But try clapping when you don't have any hands.
―Uncle Max[src]

Uncle Max is a male meerkat. He is a member of a colony of meerkats in the jungle. He is the uncle of Timon.

Uncle Max was a member of a colony of meerkats, whom he served as a sentry and tunnel builder. He attempted to teach his nephew, Timon, how to be a proper sentry, but Timon failed to warn his colony of a hyena attack and left the colony as a result. Later, when Timon was in need during the battle of Pride Rock, Uncle Max came to his aid, along with Ma. Together, the meerkats dug a trap tunnel to defeat the hyenas. After the battle, Uncle Max joined his colony in moving to the jungle.


Early life

Uncle Max lived on the edge of the Pride Lands as a member of a meerkat colony. He had a nephew named Timon.[1]

Hyena attack

Uncle Max: We're food for other animals! Feared by no one and eaten by all!
Timon: But when they die, they become the grass, and we eat the grass...right?
Uncle Max: Not exactly. We can't eat grass. We're grass intolerant.
—Uncle Max and Timon on meerkats[src]

Uncle Max teaches Timon how to be a sentry.

One day, while helping his colony dig tunnels, Uncle Max ran into Ma, who asked him if he had seen Timon. Uncle Max replied that he had not and gleefully pointed out that there had been no accidents or injuries. Just then, a crack formed overhead, and the whole tunnel network collapsed. After emerging from a pile of dirt, Uncle Max yelled Timon's name, and Timon confessed that he had been trying to build a skylight.

Shortly afterward, Uncle Max intruded on Ma's conversation with Timon by insisting that meerkats only existed as food for other animals. Though Timon thought Uncle Max was crazy, Ma admitted that he was right and tried to think of a way for Timon to fit in. No sooner had she said this when she overheard Uncle Max asking the colony whose turn it was for sentry duty and got the idea to nominate Timon for the position.

Uncle Max nearly gets eaten by hyenas.

When Ma proposed the idea to Uncle Max, he commented sarcastically that she should just save him the trouble and let the hyenas kill him right then and there. However, when Ma pointed out that the only other option was for Timon to rejoin the digging crew, Uncle Max relented and taught Timon how to "scurry," "sniff," and "flinch." Timon mocked Uncle Max for his zealous fear of hyenas, but Uncle Max retorted that Timon would not be able to clap when he did not have any hands.

On his own, Timon got distracted and failed to warn his colony of an attack by Shenzi, Banzai, and Ed. Uncle Max nearly got eaten by the hyenas but escaped down a hole just in time. Once the colony was safe, they gathered angrily around Timon, who tried to make excuses for having gotten distracted. Uncle Max muttered that he had trusted Timon, after which the colony filed away.[1]

Ma's encounter with Rafiki

Are you nuts?!
―Uncle Max to Ma, after she suggests they go looking for Timon[src]

After Timon left his colony, Rafiki found Ma and told her that he had told Timon to "look beyond" what he saw. Terrified that her son would take Rafiki's advice literally, Ma called for Uncle Max to help her find Timon. Uncle Max asked her if she was "nuts," and Ma sarcastically remarked that it was nice to have a supportive family.[1]

Battle of Pride Rock

Hyenas in the hole!
―Uncle Max[src]

During the battle of Pride Rock, Uncle Max and Ma met up with Timon, who was wearing a hula outfit. While Ma embraced Timon, Uncle Max eyed his nephew's hula outfit critically, to Timon's embarrassment. Timon then introduced his best friend, Pumbaa, to Uncle Max and Ma. Just then, the group noticed Scar pinning Simba on the promontory of Pride Rock. Intent on helping his friend, Timon ordered Uncle Max and Ma to dig a trap tunnel while he and Pumbaa lured the hyenas away from Simba. As Timon rode away on Pumbaa, Ma commented that something was different about him, and Uncle Max yelled that he was wearing a dress.

Uncle Max and Ma dig a trap tunnel for the hyenas.

Shortly afterward, Timon and Pumbaa lured the hyenas to where Uncle Max and Ma were digging a trap tunnel. With some stalling above ground from Timon and Pumbaa, Uncle Max and Ma were able to complete their work and set off the trap, only for it to get stuck and not collapse the ground. Helpless to escape, Uncle Max and Ma cowered beside Timon and Pumbaa as the hyenas advanced on them. Just before the hyenas could harm them, Timon jumped in-between Shenzi's legs and finished the trap tunnel, which sent the hyenas plummeting to the base of Pride Rock.

After Scar's defeat, Uncle Max attended Simba's coronation.[1]

Move to the jungle

Crane...spreads its wings...turns, with dainty hands...
―Uncle Max, as he does tai chi[src]

After Simba's coronation, Timon led his colony to the jungle. There, Uncle Max demonstrated tai chi to a group of meerkats.[1]

Physical appearance

Uncle Max is a somewhat short and portly old meerkat. He has dull brownish-gray fur, with a pale gray underbelly, dark brown fingers and toes, and a gray flattop. His eyes are black.[1]

Personality and traits

Because the world out there is fraught with danger. Fraught, I tell you!
―Uncle Max[src]

Uncle Max impresses his fear of hyenas on Timon.

Uncle Max is easily spooked and skittish. He believes that meerkats only exist as food for other animals and that the world is "fraught" with danger. Unlike his nephew, Timon, Uncle Max takes his duties as a sentry and a tunnel builder seriously and practices constant vigilance. Whenever he tries to pass on his skills to Timon, he speaks and behaves erratically and excitably, to the point that Timon will often comment on his uncle's sanity.

Though Uncle Max is critical of Timon's lackadaisical ways, he is fiercely loyal to his family. He was willing to journey to the Pride Lands to find Timon and fought bravely against the hyenas in the ensuing battle. Upon moving to the jungle, Uncle Max became more easygoing and relaxed, and even took up tai chi.[1]




Uncle Max appears with brown hair on the album cover of The Lion King 1½: Songs From Timon and Pumbaa's Hilarious Adventure.

  • Ma refers to Uncle Max as "Uncle," which implies that he might be her uncle.[1] However, according to the Timon: Behind the Legend featurette, he is Timon's uncle.[4]
  • It is implied that Uncle Max and Ma search for Timon for years, since their journey begins before Timon and Pumbaa find cub Simba and ends with the battle of Pride Rock, when Simba is an adult.[1]

In development

  • During production of The Lion King 1½, Uncle Max was not a character. However, when the character of Timon's father was cut from the film, Uncle Max took on his role as well as much of his dialogue.[7]


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