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Can't you keep it down out here? How can a fella get any sleep with all this stomping going on up here?

Tupp is a male jerboa.

Tupp encounters the Lion Guard when they cross the desert en route to the Tree of Life. Though initially irritable due to the Lion Guard's noisy behavior, Tupp later helps the Lion Guard find water and navigate their way through the desert using the stars.


The Lion Guard

"Journey of Memories"

Here in the desert, we don't look down to find our way. We look up. At the sky!

An irritated Tupp condemns the Lion Guard for being so noisy during the daytime

The Lion Guard encounters Tupp while trying to cross a desert in the middle of the day. Tupp reprimands them for disturbing his sleep and advises that they wait until night to keep walking. Still irritated, he kicks sand into Kion's eye, which causes Kion to growl. This scares Tupp off, leaving Kion feeling guilty.

The Lion Guard takes Tupp's advice and continues their journey at night. They later meet up with Tupp again, who directs them to water. He explains that desert animals use the stars to navigate, which gives the Lion Guard an idea of how to continue their journey. The Lion Guard thanks Tupp for his help and moves on to the next moja kwa moja stone.

Personality and traits

Awwww, you're so tiny! And so mad!

When roused from his sleep, Tupp can be grouchy and rude, even toward animals he does not know. However, once well-rested, he becomes friendly and helpful. He likes to give advice and is pleased when it is taken.



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