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He doesn't rule me very well. I hurt myself all the time!
―Tojo on the Great Spirit[src]

Tojo is a male lion. He is a member of Mufasa's pride.

When Tojo suffered a sprained ankle, he expressed doubt in the Great Spirit. Simba suggested that the Great Spirit might have a purpose for Tojo's misfortune. Later, Tojo took in and cared for a group of bird hatchlings.


Early life

Tojo lived in the Pride Lands. He was a member of Mufasa's pride.[1]

Adopting hatchlings

Today, I sprained my leg! Rafiki tells me to rest. Rest! It's for old people!

Tojo cares for his bluebirds.

One day, Mufasa talked to some cubs about the Great Spirit. Tojo expressed doubt in the Great Spirit, as he was constantly getting injured and had recently sprained his ankle. Simba suggested that the Great Spirit might have a purpose for Tojo's injury.

Later, Simba took on the role of "mother" to some orphaned bluebirds. Tojo met up with Simba and began making wings out of leaves so he could teach the birds how to fly. While Tojo prepared the wings, Simba left him alone with the birds. Upon returning, Simba found that Tojo had bonded with the birds and made his own set of false wings. Mufasa commented that the Great Spirit had had a reason for Tojo's injury after all.[1]

Physical appearance

Tojo is a moderately sized lion cub. He has dark golden fur, with a pale underbelly, a pale muzzle, and pale paws. He also has black ear rims, a pale pink nose, and blue eyes.[1]

Personality and traits

Tojo is somewhat gloomy and pessimistic. Initially, he did not believe that the Great Spirit took good care of him, as he was constantly getting injured. However, after he adopted several bluebirds, he made peace with his injuries. He is a good "mother" to his bluebirds and uses his creativity to raise them as a lion.[1]



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