The White Stuff
The White Stuff 1
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Werner Wejp-Olsen


Oscar Martin

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December 30, 1997



The White Stuff is a comic inspired by The Lion King.


Rafiki tells Simba about the "white stuff" on mountaintops and Simba is very curious, so he decides to find out, what it is.


The White Stuff begins with Simba, the prince of the Pride Lands, asking Rafiki about the "white stuff" on the mountaintops. Rafiki is unable to answer Simba's question, as nobody including himself has ever climbed up the mountains, and warns Simba not to climb up the dangerous mountains. This sparks Simba's interest, and he believes that if he brings back some of the white stuff from the mountains, he will be respected, and prove himself a worthy heir to his father. Then, Simba decides to embark on the journey to find out the mystery of what is the white stuff. As he approaches the mountains, the young cub climbs up the mountains, and after a short while, a landslide of rock occurs, in which Simba barely escapes.

Simba continues to his climb up the mountains, but an eagle sees him, and plucks him up from the ground. Simba briefly struggles to free himself from the eagle's grasp, and when he succeeds, he lands safely on top of a ram. The ram escorts Simba to the mountaintop, but Simba struggles to hold on, and falls on top of the mountain. Then, Simba explores the snow by smelling and tasting it, and decides to bring a sample of it to show everyone via a fossil bone. Simba scoops some of the snow, and runs down the mountain, confident he will prove to everyone how brave he is.

When Simba locates his parents, Zazu, and Rafiki, he tells them that he climbed the mountains to show them the white stuff. However, Rafiki sees the "white stuff" is just water. Simba tells them that he really did climb up the mountains, but Rafiki and the others don't believe him. Finally, Simba states that despite that nobody believes him, he knows what he is capable of, and that's enough for him.


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