The Talking Tree
The Talking Tree 1
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Werner Wejp-Olsen


Oscar Martin

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February 1997



The Talking Tree is a comic inspired by The Lion King.


Simba listens to a talking tree and goes to save his father to the Hyena Valley.


In the comic, Rafiki questions Simba about his knowledge of a tree stump that somehow manages to talk. Simba replies he hasn't heard about the tree stump, but would like to know. At the same time, Scar eavesdrops about this behind the rock Rafiki and Simba are in front of. Rafiki begins telling Simba about the tree, and claims it is a "magic tree" that warns the Pridelanders of danger. Meanwhile, Scar uses the tree as an opportunity to get rid of Simba once and for all. Scar recruits Shenzi, one of his hyena minions, and tells her of his plan. Shenzi follows Scar's plans, and goes inside the tree. When Rafiki and Simba come to the tree, the magic tree says, "Listen to me", and tells Simba that Mufasa is in danger, and he must go to the Hyena Valley to go save him. Simba believes this, and runs while Rafiki tells Simba to be careful.

While Simba is on the run, he notices that the voice inside the tree sounds familiar, but, anyway, he must save his father. At the Hyena Valley, Ed and Banzai wonder if Simba is coming, but they eventually spot him, and hide behind some rocks ready to ambush him. Simba cries for his father, but realizes that there is no trace of his father anywhere. The hyenas reveal themselves to Simba, and go after Simba until he runs into a dead end. Banzai believes they have trapped Simba, and Ed (who speaks in this comic) tells Simba to surrender and that he can't get away from them. But, Simba tells them that they missed something: the hill. Simba climbs up the hill, but the hyenas claim he'll never reach the top of the hill. The more Simba climbs up the hill, the more rocks and stones that begin to roll down the hill. The hyenas see this, and try to run, but a pile of rocks fall on them. Simba escapes, and marches down toward the "magic tree". When Simba goes toward the tree, Shenzi tells Simba to go down the valley, and rescue his father, but Simba tells Shenzi to go rescue herself. Rafiki, with his stick, drops a bee hive inside the tree, and Shenzi runs away.


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