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The Running of the Bullies
The Running of the Bullies
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Brad Neave


• James Bates
Steve Roberts

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The Lion King's Timon & Pumbaa





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July 16, 1999

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"Lights, Camera, Traction"


"Special Defects"

My dream vacation is becoming a nightmare.

"The Running of the Bullies" is the first segment of the twenty-ninth episode of Season 3 of The Lion King's Timon & Pumbaa. It aired on July 16, 1999, alongside "Special Defects".

Official synopsis

"While in Spain, Timon agitates a bull named El Toro during the Running of the Bulls."[1]

Plot summary

Timon and Pumbaa are visiting Spain. When they get to the bulls’ cage, El Toro pokes Timon, making the meerkat confront him. Pumbaa tries to prevent Timon from agitating El Toro so that they could enjoy their vacation, but the meerkat continues arguing with the bull.

El Toro telling Timon that he's tired of being taunted

The Running of the Bulls begins, however, El Toro refuses to give up on Timon, telling him that he’s tired of being taunted, including when he’s bullfighting. Timon replies by telling him that he’s tired of him picking on him and Pumbaa, who tries to stop the argument in order to not ruin his vacation. But then, El Toro starts chasing Timon.

El Toro sees Timon trying to hide

While Timon tries to outwit El Toro, Pumbaa decides to enjoy his vacation by himself. When the warthog goes to a museum, Timon follows him and hides in various paintings. El Toro enters the museum and spots Timon in all the paintings he’s hiding in and the meerkat continues to run with the bull giving chase.

Pumbaa chases Timon and El Toro

Timon then dresses as a matador to start fighting El Toro. Pumbaa intervenes and stops the fight, telling Timon and El Toro that all he wanted was to have a nice vacation in Spain, but they ruined it. The warthog then scolds El Toro for the way he’s been treating his tourists, which El Toro and Timon reply that it is a Running of the Bulls tradition, and they state that they enjoyed the chase.

Pumbaa then decides to chase Timon and El Toro all the way to the bulls’ cage. El Toro gives Pumbaa an advice of him having a nice rest at the beach. At the beach, Timon and El Toro are relaxing in sun chairs, chatting casually, while Pumbaa is going berserk.



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  • Spain
    • Beach
    • Museum

Organizations and Titles

  • Running of the Bulls


  • The episode's title is a combination of the word, "bullies," and the Running of the Bulls, a celebrated event in Spain.



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