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Shenzi is an adult female hyena. She is the leader of her clan. During Mufasa's reign, Shenzi and her clan keep to the Elephant Graveyard, as they are not allowed to hunt in the Pride Lands. One day, Mufasa's young son Simba strays into the Elephant Graveyard, and Shenzi orders him to be killed. However, Mufasa arrives and warns Shenzi to never approach his son again. Later, Shenzi allies with Mufasa's brother, Scar, who offers to let her clan into the Pride Lands if they help kill Mufasa. Shenzi assists in the stampede that kills Mufasa and orders her lackeys to finish off Simba. Scar becomes king, and the hyenas invade the Pride Lands. For years, Shenzi and her clan strip the kingdom of its resources. However, they are eventually defeated by a full-grown Simba, who dethrones Scar. Shenzi turns on Scar for trying to betray the hyenas to Simba, and she and her clan feast on him amid the flames of Pride Rock.
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