The Wiki Rules

This is a list of rules that must be followed on The Lion King Wikia. Failure to comply will result in a ban, and further failure to comply will result in a permanent ban. You will usually receive two warnings before the first ban. You will get instantly and most likely permanently banned for posting inappropriate material. If you have any further questions, feel free to ask an admin.
A list of current active admins can be found here.



  • Do not add pornographic, suggestive, offensive, violent, or any such inappropriate material.
  • Keep your language clean.
  • Check your grammar and spelling after you are done editing.
  • Do not edit templates without permission.
  • Speak English. Other languages aren't supported.
  • Do not add irrelevant information or any other form of random gibberish into the articles.


  • Do not add any form of fanon. This includes made-up characters, stories, etc.
  • When creating a new article, do not leave it blank.
  • Do not create any articles about subjects irrelevant to the Wikia (fanon, random subjects, etc.).
  • Do not add new categories without first consulting an admin.

Talk Pages

  • Do not post irrelevant topics on a talk page.
  • Limit talk page discussions to subjects that benefit the article.
  • Always sign your comments with ~~~~.
  • Do not remove anything from a talk page.
  • Do not add random gibberish or spam to talk pages.

User Pages

  • Do not edit other user pages without permission.

Message Walls

  • Do not remove any messages or replies unless they are spam.
  • Do not add any drama-based messages or topics.
  • Limit the majority of posts to official Wikia business.

Photos and Videos

  • All photos must be in .PNG format.
  • Photos should not have borders or logos.
  • Do not upload any pornographic, violent, offensive, suggestive, or irrelevant media to the Wikia.
  • Clip art and fan art are not allowed on official articles.
  • Do not add images that insult another person.
  • Do not replace the infobox images without permission.



  • Behave appropriately and courteously.
  • Do not bite the newcomers.
  • Keep your language clean.
  • Respect other users.


  • Keep your language clean.
  • Speak English. Other languages aren't supported.
  • Do not add links to pornographic sites, sites with excessive violence, sites with offensive material, or any such inappropriate sites.