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The Lion King: The Novelization
TLK novelization
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Elizabeth Rudnick

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Disney Press


June 4, 2019







Everything the light touches is their kingdom.
―Quote from the back of the book[src]

The Lion King: The Novelization is a book inspired by The Lion King. It was published by Disney Press on June 4, 2019.

Publisher's summary

"Everything the light touches is their kingdom.

When a lion cub named Simba is born, his father, King Mufasa, introduces him to the beautiful Pride Lands he will one day rule.

But when Mufasa is killed unexpectedly, young Simba blames himself. Unable to face his family, he runs away, leaving the Pride Lands under the rule of his evil uncle, Scar. Years later, the young prince must make a choice. Will he take back his homeland or turn his back on the kingdom in its darkest hour?


The classic, beloved characters of The Lion King come to life in an all-new way through a thrilling novelization that retells and expands upon the story Disney fans everywhere know and love."[1]

Plot summary

The Lion King: The Novelization follows the plotline of The Lion King.


  • The audio book version was released on June 18, 2019.[2]
  • The novelization appears to based on an earlier draft of the script, as it features characters who are not in the final film, such as a talking dung beetle and a honey badger.
  • Rafiki's Bakora Staff is more prominent in the novelization compared to the 2019 film.



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