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The Lion King: Six New Adventures
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The Lion King: Six New Adventures


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The Lion King: Six New Adventures is a collection of spin-off books inspired by The Lion King. It is a collection of six short stories written by various authors and published by Grolier Enterprises, Inc. It was produced by Mega-Books, Inc., and released in the United States and the United Kingdom in 1994.


  1. A Tale of Two Brothers by Alex Simmons
  2. Nala's Dare by Joanne Barkan
  3. Vulture Shock by Judy Katschke
  4. A Snake in the Grass by Leslie McGuire
  5. Follow the Leader by Page McBrier
  6. How True, Zazu? by Leslie McGuire

Behind the scenes

  • According to author Alex Simmons, the book series was written and published before production of the film was finished, and he had no knowledge of whether or not Simba and Nala would be given a cub in the film, or if they would've been given a film at all.[1]
  • The filmmakers of The Lion King II: Simba's Pride have stated that were unaware of the series during production. This explains why Kopa does not feature in the film.[2]
  • The series has two spin-off German audio books, published by Karussell: Friends for Life and Fight for the Throne.