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The Lion King's Timon & Pumbaa: Season 2
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Attribution Information

   Bobs Gannaway
   Tony Craig
   Eddy Houchins


Darrel Campbell, Kevin Campbell, Mirith J. Colao, Bobs Gannaway, Gordon Kent, Steve Roberts, Kati Rocky, Jason Butler Rote, Bruce Talkington, Sib Ventress


Stephen James Taylor


   Kevin Schon
   Ernie Sabella

Production Information

The Lion King's Timon & Pumbaa

Episode count

   21 (whole)
   40 (segments)

First aired

September 2, 1996

Last aired

November 25, 1996

Episodic Information

"Palm Beached"


"Mind Over Matterhorn"

Preceded by

Season 1

Followed by

Season 3

The second season of the animated The Lion King's Timon & Pumbaa television series premiered on September 2, 1996, with the airing of "Palm Beached / Jamaica Mistake?", and ended on November 25, 1996, with the airing of "Bumble in the Jungle + Beethoven's Whiff / Mind Over Matterhorn". It consists of 21 half-hour episodes.


Premiering in the Fall of 1996, the second season of The Lion King's Timon & Pumbaa had 13 episodes airing on the syndicated block The Disney Afternoon with 8 airing on CBS. While the Rafiki Fables and The Laughing Hyenas segments were discontinued, Zazu was given his own pair of episodes. Unlike Rafiki's and the hyena's respective segments, Zazu's were not under a new title, nor did they have an exclusive title card frame, but instead had the title card artwork feature his head sitting on a yellow background with the episode title written underneath it.

Two new characters were introduced in the season, such as Boss Beaver and Toucan Dan. The mole, who appeared very briefly in the original film, was also expanded, with his name revealed to be Gopher. The season had two half-hour special episodes which explained Timon and Pumbaa's origins and how they came to be wandering loners, with one of them revealing how they first met. It also had a dialogue-less musical episode titled "Bumble in the Jungle + Beethoven's Whiff".


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