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The Hyenas
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Hans Zimmer

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September 30, 2003






The Lion King: Special Edition


The Lion King


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"The Hyenas" is a musical piece composed by Hans Zimmer for The Lion King. It was released on September 30, 2003, as part of non-English versions of the film's special edition soundtrack.


In the soundtracks

Unlike other scores from The Lion King, "The Hyenas" was not included in the film's soundtrack. Instead, it was released on non-English versions of the soundtrack.

The complete film score was released shortly after the film's soundtrack, but it was retracted shortly afterward. In its brief release, "The Hyenas" could be heard in full as two separate tracks, "Elephant Graveyard" and "Mufasa's Dead".

On June 24, 2014, The Legacy Collection: The Lion King was released, with "The Hyenas" once more heard in full as two separate pieces, "Elephant Graveyard" and "Mufasa Dies".

In the film

The score is heard during the Elephant Graveyard scene as the hyenas chase down Simba and Nala. The section toward the end is from "Mufasa Dies", where Simba is being chased by the hyenas out of the Pride Lands. The final chord comes from the Elephant Graveyard scene, as Scar watches Mufasa lead the cubs away.

In other media

The stage musical uses sections of score from "The Hyenas". These tracks are titled "Elephant Graveyard" and "Stampede - Part 2".

Behind the scenes

  • The score is heard only on non-English versions of the soundtrack.[1]


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