The Cheeky Bird
The Cheeky Bird 1
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Jack Sutter


Daniel Pérez

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December 28, 1999



The Cheeky Bird is a comic inspired by The Lion King. It was published in Germany on December 28, 1999.


Simba doesn't want to play with the bird and he is annoyed by its acts.


The Cheeky Bird starts with Simba trying to sleep so he can have some nice dreams, but Nala, Simba's best friend, wants to show Simba something she finds so funny. Simba tags along with her, and shows Simba a mother bird on a rock trying to teach her young chicks how to fly. One of the chicks try to hide from their mother, and Nala laughs when the mother bird finds her young chick.

Soon, a chick starts messing with Simba, and lands on his nose. Simba warns the young bird that he is a lion, but the chick, later, bites his nose. Simba gets frustrated and starts chasing the bird until he hurts himself by hitting his paw on a rock. When Simba returns to Nala, she tells him that he should pick on someone his own size.

Soon a while later, Simba is resting near a tree, until the same bird comes by, and bites Simba's right ear. He goes after the bird again, but Nala tells him to leave the bird and that the bird just wants to be friends with him. Simba dismisses Nala's idea, stating the bird just wants to make enemies. Simba tries to pounce the bird, but, instead, lands inside a tree trunk. The tree trunk breaks apart, and the little bird returns. The little bird chirps at Simba, to which Nala assumes to translate that the bird is sorry.

Later, Simba and Nala are at a river, until the bird comes by, and splashes water on Simba. The cub retaliates by going after the bird, once more. Simba angrily runs after the bird, and the bird bites his tail while Nala is trying to restate the bird just wants to have fun.

After chasing the bird for some time later, Simba falls into a deep hole making him unable to hardly move his body. Simba asks for the bird's help, and the bird tweets at Nala to find help so Simba can get out of the hole.

Nala, eventually, understands what the bird is trying to communicate to her, and finds Mufasa. Mufasa jumps into the deep hole, and gets Simba to hang his claws into his mane. The two jump out of the hole, and Simba thanks for the bird's help. Finally, the bird returns to bite Simba on the nose, when he is trying to go to sleep, but Simba realizes the bird was just being playful.


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