The Big Little Prince
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Werner Wejp-Olsen


Oscar Martin

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May 1997



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The Big Little Prince is a comic inspired by The Lion King. It was published in Germany in May of 1997.


Simba's arrogance leads him into a life-threatening desert adventure.


While talking with Simba, the prince of the Pride Lands, Rafiki encourages him to listen and learn so that he can be the greatest animal on the savanna someday: the king of the Pride Lands. A pompous Simba takes Rafiki to mean that he is indestructible and fearless, and immediately sets off to prove his own invincibility.

From rock walls to trees to raging rivers, Simba continually proves to himself that he can do whatever he puts his mind to. However, he pauses on the border of the desert, reminding himself that no animal can survive there, until he musters his courage and declares that he is unafraid.

Leaving the Pride Lands behind, Simba struts into the scorching wasteland and spots a clump of trees in the distance. Excited, he races toward it, but the trees disappear before his eyes. Though confused, Simba decides that he had simply made a mistake, but the same illusion fools him again, until the cub begins to wonder which way the Pride Lands are.

Realizing that he is lost, Simba begins to stumble through the desert, bemoaning his thirst, and collapses in a heap on the sand, calling out for his father and mother. Just then, Mufasa appears and bears his son to safety, where he berates Simba for believing himself to be invincible. Humbled and ashamed of his behavior, Simba promises to never put himself in such danger again and proclaims that he has learned his lesson.


  • This comic has an alternative title, A Dangerous Desert.[1]
  • This comic has been released in five countries: Germany in 1997, Finland and Italy in 1998, the Netherlands in 1999 and 2000, and Norway in 2002.[1]



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