The Ancient Outpost
The Ancient Outpost
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The United Kingdom


Panini Comics


The Lion Guard Magazine


July 27, 2017



The Ancient Outpost is a comic inspired by The Lion Guard. It was published by Panini Comics on July 27, 2017, as part of The Lion Guard Magazine.



Kion leads the Lion Guard to a rarely ventured area of the Pride Lands and explains that a former Lion Guard had once had a shelter there, according to Rafiki. Just then, the ground crumbles beneath him, and he falls onto a ridge below the rest of the Lion Guard.

As the team deliberates how they will save him, Kion notices an opening in the rocks, which is marked by the symbol of the Lion Guard, and enters. Beshte asserts that the cave must have another entrance, and Ono volunteers to find it using his incredible vision.

Kion's path

Kion enters the cave, excited to set foot where no one has been in many years. However, as he travels deeper into the cave, he finds himself face-to-face with several diverging paths. He begins to guide himself through the tunnels using the symbols of the Lion Guard and ignoring those marks placed down to confuse intruders.

Ono's path

The team searches adamantly for another entrance to the cave, but are unsuccessful. Fuli states that the other entrance must be marked by the symbol of the Lion Guard, but the team is unable to locate it. At last, Ono notices a symbol of the Lion Guard shaped in the mud, and leads the team to the entrance.


The team reconvenes at the entrance of the cave. Just as they are about to set off together, Kion notices another symbol of the Lion Guard and follows it to a ledge that overlooks the Pride Lands. Kion then realizes that this must be the secret of the shelter.


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