Team Play
Team Play
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The United Kingdom


Panini Comics


The Lion Guard Magazine


October 19, 2017



Team Play is a comic inspired by The Lion Guard. It was published by Panini Comics on October 19, 2017, as part of The Lion Guard Magazine.



Bunga informs the Lion Guard that an antelope calf is lost in a canyon and that Janja and his clan are already hunting him. The team leaves immediately for the canyon, where Ono uses his incredible vision to search for the calf. His efforts prove futile due to sand whirlwinds, and the Lion Guard is forced to descend into the canyon. Nearby, a cheetah overhears their conversation.

Fuli suggests using her speed to find the calf, but Beshte urges the team to stick together so they can all search the canyon.

Fuli's path

Just then, the cheetah approaches the Lion Guard and boasts that he is faster than Fuli. He then races ahead of the team, but is forced to slow when he is caught in a sand whirlwind. Kion instructs Ono to guide Fuli so she will not fall into the same trap.

Bunga's path

As the Lion Guard sets off to find the calf, the cheetah approaches them and boasts that he is faster than them and can reach the calf first. Bunga warns him of nearby hyenas, but the cheetah confidently takes off on his own. He manages to find the calf before the Lion Guard, but is set upon by Janja and his cronies, Cheezi and Chungu.

Suddenly, the hyenas hear a noise and turn to see a giant shadow on the wall. They take off, just as the Lion Guard reveal themselves to be the supposed monster.


The calf is reunited with his mother, while the cheetah admits to the Lion Guard that speed is not so important without teamwork. Kion agrees, and Fuli offers to train the cheetah in his speed. At this, the rest of the Lion Guard laughs.

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