Dhahabu: Oh, I know! You can bring my herd a tamboa plant.
The Lion Guard: A tamboa plant?
Dhahabu: Our favorite food. A real delicacy.
—Dhahabu and the Lion Guard

Tamboa plant

A Tamboa plant is a plant native to the Back Lands. It is a favorite food of Dhahabu the zebra and her herd.

Physical attributes

Ono, you said it was rare. You didn't say it was huge.
Kion on the tamboa plant

Tamboa plants are massive plants that dwarf even hippopotamuses in size. They resemble ferns, with long, flowing, green fronds, and clumps of small pink flowers in the center.


The Lion Guard

"The Golden Zebra"

When the Lion Guard seeks permission from Dhahabu to use her herd's watering hole, Dhahabu tells them to fetch her a Tamboa plant, which is her herd's favorite food. The Lion Guard finds the plant in the center of a patch of thorns and use Beshte's strength to bear the plant back to Dhahabu Grove.