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Familial Information

Muwa (mother)

If we get everyone spooked about the beast, Zazu will hear about it and report it to Mufasa. Zazu will look silly for reporting it.
―Sukari schemes with his friends

Sukari is a zebra colt who makes his first and only appearance in How True, Zazu? He is a Pridelander.



All we were doing was having a little fun yesterday.
―Sukari to Muwa

Sukari is a zebra colt who lived during the reign of Mufasa. As a youngster, he often got told on by Zazu for various play schemes.

The Lion King: Six New Adventures

How True, Zazu?

Mufasa searched hard, but he didn't blame Zazu for the wild-beast chase.
―Sukari to his friends

Sukari makes his first appearance alongside his mother when the two join a group of animals who are gossiping about Zazu. Though Sukari and his young animal friends attempt to give their input about Zazu's annoying antics, the parents shoo them away to play while they discuss the matter further.

Once away from the adults, the young animals, Sukari among them, scheme to feed Zazu lies in order to get him in trouble with Mufasa. Enchanted with the idea, Sukari begins to chase Nzuri around in excitement.

The young animals put their idea into play, but the plan ends up working too well, and after a fearsome army ant attack, the children confess to Mufasa all that they had done. Though Muwa is angry with her son for his foolishness, Mufasa is fair and instructs the young animals to help Zazu gather news from the Pride Lands in order to correct their earlier mistake.

Physical appearance

Like his mother, Sukari is long-bodied, slender, and sturdily-built. His pelt is striped with black and white, and his mane is bi-colored and short-cropped.

Personality and traits

Aw, come on. We're not going to hurt anyone.
―Sukari to Lulu

Mischievous and rambunctious, Sukari appreciates a good laugh and has no reservations when it comes to lying. He is naturally playful and loves to goof around with his friends, even when their games are more than just simple fun. By the end of the book, he learns his lesson about lying and apologizes for his actions, becoming a more responsible character with an intention to fix his past mistakes.