Strange lion
Strange lion
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Physical information




Fur color

Black, brown, and red

Eye color


Distinguishing features

   Dorsal stripe
   Scar over right eye

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Relationship information

Strange cobra



The strange lion is a male lion.

When a young Scar was patrolling the Outlands, he encountered the strange lion, who convinced him to overthrow Mufasa and become the king of Pride Rock. Scar agreed to the plan, but the strange lion betrayed him by ordering a cobra to inject him with venom. The strange lion attempted to use the cure for the venom as leverage over Scar, but Scar merely used the Roar of the Elders to destroy the strange lion and his cobra ally.



Back when Scar, the brother of Mufasa, possessed the Roar of the Elders and was leader of the Lion Guard, he was patrolling the Outlands and met the strange lion. The stranger convinced him that he was the one who should rule the Pride Lands rather than Mufasa. Consumed by his own thirst for power and greed, Scar agreed with the lion. The lion proposed to help Scar achieve such a goal, so he took him to a snake who was in cahoots with him. The snake bit Scar on his left eye, giving him a scar. While the lion and the snake hoped to hold the cure over Scar's head so that he would obey them, Scar turned his rage on them and destroyed them with his Roar.

The Lion Guard

"Battle for the Pride Lands"

Years later, after Scar's spirit explains to Ushari about his plan to make his great-nephew Kion follow a dark path, Scar tells the story of how he met the strange lion. However, Scar's plan doesn't go as planned, and Scar is destroyed for good by the Great Kings of the Past.

Personality and traits

The strange lion displays his cunning and manipulative nature

Sneaky and misleading, the strange lion is persuasive and an opportunist. Desiring to take over the Pride Lands from King Mufasa, he allies with a strange cobra and tricks Scar, Mufasa's brother and the leader of the Lion Guard, into aid him on his plans, convincing him that he has wisdom and power and they can rule together, yet he actually wants to use Scar as his pawn.

The strange lion is also a sadist, being willing to allow his accomplice to injure Scar to make him believe they have a cure for it in order to get Scar subservient to them, demonstrating that he never intended to rule along with him. However, this wicked act ultimately costs the lion his own life: in a fit of rage, Scar uses the Roar of the Elders to destroy him and his cobra friend.

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