Physical Attributes




Fur color

Black, gray, white

Eye color


Biographical Information
Name meaning

Comfortable, repose, rest[1]




Back Lands


Dhahabu's herd

Familial Information

Raha (brother)

Kick and stomp!
―Starehe's catchphrase[src]

Starehe is a female zebra.


The Lion Guard

"The Golden Zebra"

Kion leads his team into the Back Lands, where they encounter two zebra siblings named Raha and Starehe, who agree to lead them to their leader, Dhahabu. Once with the rest of the herd, the zebras begin to sing "Fabulous Dhahabu", in which they praise their leader for being so uniquely beautiful and special.

Later, Dhahabu brokenheartedly reveals that the herd's watering hole has dried up. Shocked at Dhahabu's attempt to conceal the truth from them, Raha and Starehe abandon their leader.

After Dhahabu and the Lion Guard refill the watering hole by freeing its water source, a blocked waterfall, Raha and Starehe gladly return to the herd and happily drink the water.

"The Queen's Visit"

2019-02-21-03 04 09

Starehe and Raha defend Dhahabu from jackals

Dhahabu, the queen of the Back Lands, arrives in the Pride Lands to discuss a water treaty between the kingdoms ("Prance With Me"). Raha and Starehe accompany her. After meeting with Simba atop Pride Rock, Dhahabu is escorted on a tour around the kingdom by Kiara, Tiifu, and Zuri.

Later, the Lion Guard runs into Raha and Starehe, who are depressed that their queen has no need of them. Ono offers to find her for them and soon discovers that she is being set upon by the jackals. Together with Raha and Starehe, the Lion Guard rushes to the rescue and fights off the pack.

During the fight, Tiifu and Zuri cower behind Dhahabu, while Raha and Starehe fiercely fight off their queen's attackers. Dhahabu misinterprets the situation, believing that Tiifu and Zuri are her saviors, and appoints them to her "Queen's Guard" along with Fuli. Much to the Lion Guard's surprise, Raha and Starehe do not correct Dhahabu and instead let Tiifu and Zuri take the credit.

After the fight, Kion questions Raha and Starehe on their motivations, and they explain that Dhahabu keeps them around to be a positive influence. If they were to become her bodyguards, they would lose that illusion of happiness.

2019-02-21-03 09 30

Dhahabu appoints Starehe and Raha to her personal guard

Not long after, Dhahabu is freshening up in a water hole when the jackals attack again, this time with crocodile allies. Ono informs the Lion Guard of the predicament, and Raha and Starehe race off to defend their queen. This time, they fight in front of Dhahabu, who is incredulous at their skills.

After the fight, Dhahabu relieves Fuli, Tiifu, and Zuri of their duties and appoints Raha and Starehe in their stead. Together, the group returns to Pride Rock, where Dhahabu renews her water treaty with the Pride Landers.

Personality and traits

Starehe is frisky and peppy, much like her her brother, and takes joy in frolicking about. She idolizes her leader, Dhahabu.


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