Smun's prickle
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Makucha's army


To serve Mama Binturong



Smun's prickle is a group of porcupines led by Smun. They are loyal to Mama Binturong, whom they fondly call "Mama."


The Lion Guard

"Mama Binturong"

Smun's prickle is known for spying on the animals of the forest and reporting back to Mama Binturong if they are in some way connected to tuliza. One day, Smun overhears the Lion Guard discussing tuliza and reports back to Mama Binturong. Later, the prickle confiscates the Lion Guard's staff, which holds tuliza. They retreat to their hideout with Mama Binturong.

Later, Bunga infiltrates the hideout and attempts to steal the staff. Smun's prickle attacks him in defense of Mama Binturong, but Bunga defeats them. He goes on to defeat Mama Binturong herself and steal back the staff, after which Mama Binturong vows revenge and leaves the forest. Smun's prickle grieves her loss, commenting that the forest will not be the same without her.

"Triumph of the Roar"

Smun and his prickle arrive at the Tree of Life with Fahari, Jiona, and two Komodo dragons to help assist his matriarch, Mama Binturong.

Smun's prickle participates in the battle at the Tree of Life

The prickle is tasked with guarding Ullu in order to prevent her reporting their invasion to the Night Pride. However, when Ullu turns her head completely around, the prickle is startled, allowing Ullu to escape.

After Ullu's escape, the prickle attacks the Tree of Life with their other allies. However, they are defeated by Kion, who uses the Roar of the Elders to sweep them into a tornado and exile them from the Tree of Life.

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