Simba and the Sad Elephant
Simba and the Sad Elephant 1
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Werner Wejp-Olsen


Comicup Studio
Oscar Martin

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March 1997



Simba and the Sad Elephant is comic inspired by The Lion King. It was published in March of 1997.


In this comic, Simba and Nala are playing by the river until Nala gets squirted by some water. Shortly after, Simba is squirted by water, and the two look to find a young elephant. The cubs ask the elephant if he was the one who squirted them, and he admits his actions, and reveals his name as Tombo. Tombo boasts about his ability to squirt, and Nala asks Tombo about where his herd is. Tombo replies by stating his herd kicked him out because he always squirted water, and that he can't help it because it brings enjoyment to him.

Simba claims they will look for his herd, and explain it to him. Simba and Nala find Tombo's herd, and the elephant leader states Tombo can return to the herd if he behaves himself. Tombo's mother approaches Simba and Nala to tell his son to come back so that they can reunite with each other to which he cubs promise that.

The cubs tell Tombo the good news, and the three head off to find Tombo's herd. However, they notice a storm is approaching, and Tombo claims he's afraid of thunder, and hopes the storm pass. Meanwhile, lightning strikes a tree stump, and the tree stump catches fire. The fire continues to spread across the Pride Lands, and Mufasa, Sarabi, Rafiki, and Zazu notice this from a nearby ledge.

At a nearby lake, the cubs ordered Tombo to suck up as much water as he can into his trunk to which he does. Tombo squirts the water towards the fire, and the fire finally goes out. Simba and Nala, who watched Tombo putting out the fire, run up to Tombo, and proclaim he is a hero. The cubs return Tombo to his herd, and the elephant leader gives a speech, and names him, the "Hero of the Year". Tombo's mother thanks the cubs, and the three watch Tombo squirts himself with water.


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