Simba and the Flower of Courage
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Nino Russo


Emilio Urbano


Davide Zannetti

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June 1998



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Simba and the Flower of Courage is a comic inspired by The Lion King. It was published in June of 1998.


While on a walk through the Pride Lands, Mufasa notices that his son, Simba, has become strangely jumpy and nervous around other animals, and he wonders what he can do to help the cub overcome his fears. Just then, Mufasa steps on a barbed thorn and falls to the earth. A worried Simba asks his father what is wrong, and Mufasa explains that the thorn is poisonous and that Simba must fetch him the antidote, an herb with orange flowers. Shakily, Simba complies.

Alone, the cub enters a dark forest and begins to worry about strange beasts lurking in the trees. Suddenly, he spots a gorilla sitting among the leaves, but, mustering his courage, he sneaks past it and races to the edge of a river. There, he attempts to cross the water, but a hippopotamus emerges from beneath him and asks him why he is standing on its head. Simba worries that he is going to get eaten, but the hippo reassures him that it only eats plants and then safely deposits him on the opposite bank.

No sooner has Simba emerged from the river when a hungry vulture attempts to eat him. Unfazed, the cub declares that he is the son of the Lion King and takes a swipe at the bird, scaring it off. Growling to himself, Simba continues on his way until he runs into his father, who explains that he had only pretended to be sick so that his son could learn a lesson in courage.

A confident Simba declares that he is no longer afraid and roars heroically at a passing wildebeest, who furiously takes chase. As Simba races away, yelling an apology over his shoulder, Mufasa calls after him that one must be cautious as well as brave.


  • This comic has an alternative title, As Cowardly As a Lion.[1]
  • This comic was originally published in Italy, but it was later remounted and released in the Netherlands.[1]



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