Simba Runs Away from Home
Simba Runs Away From Home 1
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Werner Wejp-Olsen


Oscar Martin

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April 21, 1998



Simba Runs Away from Home is a comic inspired by The Lion King. It was published on April 21, 1998.


Simba Runs Away from Home starts with Simba, the prince of the Pride Lands, being upset about having to learn how to hunt for his prey from Zazu. His mother, Sarabi, comes along to clean him, but Simba insists he wants to be dirty. Later on that day, Mufasa reminds his son about doing his chore, which is to clean up the cave inside Pride Rock.

Simba hates this activities as he is the future Lion King, so he decides to run away from home. He marches this idea to his parents, and Mufasa tells his son, "Good luck and godspeed". Simba thinks his parents are bluffing, but he insists he will. As Simba begins his run from home, Mufasa jokes to Simba that he'll be back before dark.

Simba begins to enjoy his runaway from home as he doesn't have to do anymore chores and nobody has to bathe him. However, Simba realizes he has been standing on an anthill, and the ants start to bite the young cub. Simba jumps into a river as a way to get the ants off of him. Next, Simba walks up to a geyser wondering what it is, and starts to hear a strange sound coming from it. The geyser shoots Simba into the air with its hot water. After that experience, Simba feels very hungry, and sees a grasshopper on a rock until it flies away. However, Simba sees a fish in the river, and hops onto a rock to catch it with his paws.

However, the rock that Simba lands on is actually the back of hippopotamus to which the hippo kicks Simba off his back, and splashes him into the water. Simba begins to feel miserable, and feels doing his chores is better than the experiences he is going through. At the same time, it begins to rain, and Simba almost gets zapped by lightning, which strikes a tree stump. Simba runs back home to Mufasa and Sarabi. Mufasa tells his son that it is good to be on your own, but he is still too young, but his day will come if he is patient. Simba asks his parents if his runawaying worried them, but Zazu states he followed him.

Finally, Mufasa tells Simba that when he was around Simba's age, he did the same thing, and Simba curiously asks how did he know he was coming back.


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