Simba Learns a Lesson
Simba Learns a Lesson 1
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Kari Korhonen


Oscar Martin

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July 25, 2000



Simba Learns a Lesson is a comic inspired by The Lion King. It was published on July 25, 2000.


Simba Learns a Lesson begins with Mufasa, the king of the Pride Lands wanting Simba to help prepare a party for all of the cubs at Pride Rock. Simba is very hesitant as he like parties, but he hates planning them. However, Nala is very excited, and claims her mother says she's a great organizer. The cubs shortly leave with Nala wanting to get started right away tomorrow morning, and Simba questioning Nala's love for chores. Despite that, Simba replies he'll help Nala start preparing the party.

However, the next day, Simba, while relaxing himself on a hill, forgets to help Nala on the first day of planning. The young cub makes up an excuse stating that while Nala was sleeping, he left to get some work done, and was asking some animals about their knowledge of any games he could use for the party, but they didn't. Nala believes Simba's excuse, and states she made up some games such as having a racing contest, babbing for fruit in a small pool, and a tug-of-war with a tree root. Simba likes Nala's ideas, and wants to start arranging the party tomorrow.

The next day, Nala tries to wake Simba up, but Simba replies he'll sleep for five more minutes, and promises to be out to arrange the party. However, Simba sleeps in until it is afternoon, and tries to come up with an elaborate story as an excuse. Nala returns to Pride Rock asking Simba where has he been. Simba explains he came out to help, but some hyenas found him, and chase him for two hours. He returned back to Pride Rock to catch his breath, and he still is to which Nala, again, believes his tall tale.

A few hours later, Zazu questions Nala about Simba's involvement in preparing the party. The next day, Zazu sees Simba chasing a mosquito while the party preparations aren't finished. The hornbill reports this to Nala, and leaves to go tell Mufasa about Simba not pulling his own weight, but Nala stops him stating they should teach Simba a lesson. Simba returns to Pride Rock to make up another excuse involving him rescuing a monkey from a crocodile.

On the day of the party, Simba is showered with compliments from Mufasa and Nala about his preparation of the party. Nala even details about his excuses to torture him, and want the young cubs to cheer for Simba's hard work. Finally, Simba feels guilty, and cleans up after the entire party is over while Nala rests and cheers that her plan succeeded.


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