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Simba's pride
Simba's pride
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Simba's pride


Simba (currently)
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Pride Rock

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The Lion King
The Lion King II: Simba's Pride
The Lion King 1½
The Lion Guard: Return of the Roar
The Lion Guard

Zira: Who has made us Outsiders?
Kovu: Simba!
Zira: Who killed Scar?
Kovu: Simba!
Zira: What have I told you about them?
Zira scolds Kovu about Simba and his pride

Simba's pride is the lion pride in the Pride Lands that is ruled by a reigning monarch.

Simba's pride has been ruled by multiple kings and queens, including Mufasa and Sarabi, Scar, and currently, Simba and Nala. When Simba dies or abdicates his powers as king, the Pride Lands will be ruled by his daughter, Kiara, and her consort, Kovu.


The Lion King

The pride is first seen during the "Circle of Life" sequence at the start of the film. As Mufasa and Sarabi nuzzle each other, lionesses watch from the shadows of Pride Rock, delighted that their new prince is about to be anointed.


The pride accepts Simba as their king

They are later seen resting near Pride Rock as young Simba comes racing to get his mother and appear again during Scar's eulogy, during which they grieve the double losses of their king and prince. Their mourning is soon shattered when Scar welcomes his hyena minions into the Pride Lands, and the lionesses are helpless to watch as their kingdom is swarmed by scavengers.

Years later, the pride has noticeably dwindled, with only a few members remaining, and prey is scarce, prompting the exhausted lionesses to cease hunting for Scar. Angered at their lack of activity, Scar challenges Sarabi, who rebukes him as king, and he strikes her, prompting a young adult Simba, who has been watching from the shadows, to run to his mother's aid.

With Simba at their head, the small band of lionesses return, showing their disloyalty to Scar. A battle for Pride Rock soon begins, and the lionesses fight in favor of Simba. Following the defeat of Scar, the lionesses watch joyfully as Simba ascends Pride Rock, and every lioness roars her approval as he takes back his father's throne.

The Lion King II: Simba's Pride


The pride prepares for battle with the Outsiders

The pride makes its first appearance when Simba challenges Zira, whose son Kovu has encountered the princess of the Pride Lands and Simba's daughter, Kiara. Two lionesses join Simba and Nala in challenging Zira, who attempts to win her way back into the Pride Lands, but Simba stands firm, and the added bulk of the pride convinces Zira to walk away peacefully.

The pride is later seen a few years later at the onset of Kiara's first hunt, during which they express confidence in their future queen, and can be seen later that night, entering the royal den while Kovu is intimidated away from the entrance. Not long after this, Simba believes Kovu to have betrayed him, and the lionesses assist their king in exiling him from the Pride Lands. Four of them keep Kiara from interfering with this but are later shocked when she tells Simba that he will never be like Mufasa after he rejects her plea to reconsider his decision and bans her from leaving Pride Rock unescorted.


The united pride of Pride Landers and Outsiders roar in celebration of Kovu and Kiara's marriage

During the film's climax, the pride follows Simba into battle against the Outsiders. The pride is seen fighting fiercely against their foes, holding their own despite the obvious strength among the Outsiders. Toward the end of the battle, they realize the error of their ways and welcome the Outsiders back into the pride.

At the very end of the film, they gather at Pride Rock for the union of Kovu and Kiara. Once the two are married, they bow their heads in respect as their monarchs stride past and roar out over their kingdom.

The Lion Guard

Two Pride Lander lioness cubs named Tiifu and Zuri appear as supporting characters in the 2015 pilot film The Lion Guard: Return of the Roar and its follow-up series, The Lion Guard. They serve as friends to Kiara, and during her temporary queenship, they serve as her advisers.

In the episode "The Ukumbusho Tradition", several of the pride's lionesses appear.

Common physical traits

Simba in awe

Simba's bright red eyes

  • Orange or Red eyes are common among the pride, with orange eyes being seen more often than red. Mufasa's eyes are deep red, and Simba's appear to be the same color occasionally, but they usually reflect Sarabi's orange eyes. Some have green or blue eyes like Tiifu and Zuri.
  • Stocky builds separate these lionesses, even the lean Sarafina-esque ones, from the Outsiders. They are usually heavily built.
  • Colored paws and uncolored paws are equally common among the pride.
  • Pride Lander noses are dominant in the pride. These noses, unlike the Outsider noses, which curve downward, are flat and rounded.

Lesser physical traits


The freckled lioness

  • Freckles is a very rare trait for a member of the pride. Only one lioness has been observed with freckles.
  • Ear rims are recessive among the pride. Sarabi is the only named adult lioness to sport them.
  • Outsider traits, such as downward-curved noses and permanently extended claws, are not common, with only Scar possessing them.

Kion's white claws

  • Permanently extended claws have only been observed in Scar.
  • Green and blue eyes have been observed in both Sarafina and Scar, who have green, as well as Nala, whose eyes alternate between green and blue.
  • Colored paw pads are a rare trait. Only Scar's paw pads are completely colored. Everyone else in the pride has only their toes colored.
  • White or gray claws are traits only seen in Kion, Kiara, and Zuri. It is more common for Pride Landers to have black claws.

Types of lionesses

Throughout the film series, the lionesses appear to look the same, but some resemble the more prominent lionesses in the pride.

Sarabi-esque lionesses


Sarabi-esque lionesses

The main pride is comprised of many different types of lionesses. One of these types mimics Sarabi, the mate of Mufasa. In the original film, they aren't seen during the first act when Simba and Nala are still cubs. However, they completely dominate the pride toward the end of the film. They also make a brief appearance in the second film following the exile of Kovu.

Sarafina/Nala-esque lionesses


A Sarafina-esque lioness

These types of lionesses are lighter, sleeker, and leaner than the heavier ones encountered at the end of the first film. They resemble Nala and her mother Sarafina with little to no differences. Among the books, the comics, and the other films, as well, these kind of lionesses are seen. However, toward the end of the first film, they seem to have been replaced by the heavier Sarabi-esque lionesses.

Kiara-esque lionesses


Kiara-esque lionesses

The lionesses of the pride are mainly absent during this movie, but when they do appear, they usually resemble the young adult Kiara. These lionesses are first seen before "One of Us," blocking Kiara from Kovu as the princess tries to prevent the Outsider from being exiled. They are later seen when a heartbroken Kiara flees into Pride Rock, and are shown to be shocked and saddened. During the war, they appear again at the very end when Kiara and Kovu stand up to their respective parents.

Temperament and traits

Last chance, Zira. Go home.
―Simba to Zira
The main pride is a group of lionesses whose only role within the films comes when a conflict arises to which they are forced into defending one another, evident by the Outsiders declaring war first and the pride simply meeting them head-on. Even then, their leader Simba gives Zira one last chance to go home.


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  • The lionesses are responsible for providing the pride with food.[1]


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