Simba's Big Secret
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October 9, 2011



Simba's Big Secret is a book inspired by The Lion King. It was published by Disney Press on October 9, 2011.


"Lion cubs Simba and Nala are the best of friends. They chase bugs together, splash in the water hole together, and even tell each other secrets. One day, Simba accidentally tells his dad one of Nala's secrets, and she finds out! After that, Nala has a hard time trusting Simba again. But a few weeks later, Nala tells Simba another secret, and this time, he is determined to not tell anyone. Should Simba keep Nala's secret, even if it means his friend could be in danger?"[1]


Simba's Big Secret begins by introducing Simba, the prince of the Pride Lands, and his best friend, Nala. At the start of the book, Simba and Nala are telling each other their secrets. While Nala admits to being afraid of mice, Simba confesses to being frightened of the dark. The cubs swear each other to secrecy, but shortly afterward, Simba lets it slip to Mufasa that Nala is afraid of mice.

Furious, Nala refuses to tell Simba any more secrets, much to Simba's dismay. For a long while, Nala continues to keep her secrets to herself, but one day, she tells Simba another secret, though she warns him that if he spills this one, she won't be friends with him anymore. Simba makes the promise, and Nala informs him that she's found a secret cave near the red cliffs. However, when Simba asks if he can play with her there, Nala refuses and sets out on her own.

Left to his own devices, Simba plays by himself for the rest of the day, but when night falls, Nala is nowhere to be seen. Sarafina, Nala's mother, grows worried and asks Simba if he knows where Nala is. Downcast and unwilling to tell Nala's secret, Simba claims to not know where she is.

Eventually, night falls, and Sarabi, Simba's mother, comes to Simba and asks him where Nala is. Simba admits that he can't tell her, for it's a secret, but Sarabi gently reminds him that secrets sometimes need to be told for the safety of others. Seeing the wisdom in his mother's words, Simba tells the pride where Nala is, and they set out to rescue her.

Once at the red cliffs, the lionesses find Nala trapped in a rock slide. Thinking quickly, the pride digs her free, and Nala rushes to her mother, promising to never go off on her own without telling someone again. Once the chaos is over, Simba apologizes for telling Nala's secret, but the little cub reminds him that she would still be trapped if not for him. Together, the cubs return home and begin to dream about their next adventure together.



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