Shenzi (2019 film)
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Shenzi (2019 film)
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There's only one true thing you ever said, Scar: a hyena's belly is never full!

Shenzi is a female hyena. She is the leader of her clan.

During Mufasa's reign, Shenzi and her clan keep to the Elephant Graveyard, as they are not allowed to hunt in the Pride Lands. One day, Mufasa's young son Simba strays into the Elephant Graveyard, and Shenzi orders him to be killed. However, Mufasa arrives and warns Shenzi to never approach his son again.

Later, Shenzi allies with Mufasa's brother, Scar, who offers to let her clan into the Pride Lands if they help kill Mufasa. Shenzi assists in the stampede that kills Mufasa and orders her lackeys to finish off Simba. Scar becomes king, and the hyenas invade the Pride Lands.

For years, Shenzi and her clan strip the kingdom of its resources. However, they are eventually defeated by a full-grown Simba, who dethrones Scar. Shenzi turns on Scar for trying to betray the hyenas to Simba, and she and her clan feast on him amid the flames of Pride Rock.


The Lion King

Hyenas and lions have been at war since the beginning of time. But Mufasa's bloodline will end here!

Shenzi advances on a young Simba and Nala

When Simba and Nala stray into the Elephant Graveyard, Shenzi and her clan surround them. Zazu arrives and warns Shenzi that she will be starting a war with Mufasa should she harm Simba. Shenzi comments that hyenas and lions are already at war and that she wants Mufasa’s bloodline to end. The hyenas attack, but Mufasa shows up in the nick of time and fends them off. He warns Shenzi to not harm his son again, and she grudgingly allows him and the cubs to leave.

Shenzi and her clan start a stampede in the gorge

That night, Scar journeys to the Elephant Graveyard and strikes a bargain with Shenzi; if she and her hyenas help him kill Mufasa, he will allow them free reign of the Pride Lands. Though initially skeptical, Shenzi agrees to the alliance.

The next day, Shenzi and her clan start a stampede that results in Mufasa’s death. The hyenas pursue Simba over a cliff with the intent to kill him. When the cub falls off the cliff, Shenzi orders her lackeys, Azizi and Kamari, to confirm Simba’s death. The two do not obey, though Shenzi is unaware.

That night, Scar becomes the king and allows Shenzi and her clan to overtake the Pride Lands. Over the years, the hyenas overhunt the herds and turn the kingdom into a wasteland.

Shenzi fights with Nala

One day, Shenzi informs Sarabi that Scar wishes to see her. She later searches for Nala as the lioness attempts an escape.

When Simba returns to the Pride Lands and challenges Scar, Shenzi and her fellow hyenas do battle against the lionesses. She fights and loses to Nala, who knocks her off Pride Rock.

Shenzi survives the fall, and she, Kamari, and Azizi race to the top of Pride Rock to assist Scar in his fight against Simba. However, they overhear him trying to pin the blame of his crimes on them and so abandon him. After Scar is thrown to the bottom of Pride Rock by Simba, Shenzi surrounds him with her remaining clan members and orders them to attack. The hyenas devour Scar amidst the flames of Pride Rock.

Physical appearance

Shenzi is the largest and strongest hyena in her clan. She has sharp, clear, hooded dark brown eyes, a heavy spotted coat pattern, a broad but slender muzzle, a distinct triangular forehead marking, and a particularly long orange mane.

Personality and traits

Now this is a meal I've waited my whole life for. What an unexpected treat, to eat the son of a king.
―Shenzi on Simba[src]

Cold and cunning, Shenzi is a ruthless leader who is willing to do almost anything to ensure the survival of her clan. Unlike her subordinates, she never tells a joke and hardly ever laughs, although she does find Simba's attempts to command her amusing. While the survival of her clan is important to her, she is by no means kind or particularly concerned for the well-being of her fellow hyenas. This is shown when she displays no grief when one of her clan-mates falls off a cliff in pursuit of Simba, and moments later orders Kamari and Azizi to endanger themselves by climbing down the same cliff to ensure that the cub is dead. However, she does seem to be forgiving, as she does not punish them despite their disobedience and dishonesty.

Shenzi advances on a young Simba, showing her merciless and vicious nature

Shenzi harbors a deep hatred for Mufasa and lions in general due to the ancient rivalry between her kind and theirs, though she also fears and grudgingly respects Mufasa, acknowledging that she and her clan are no match for him. Despite this, Shenzi is no coward, as she boldly takes on a full-grown Nala despite the latter being considerably larger and stronger.

Shenzi is also sly and opportunistic, as she agrees to work for Scar after he promises to give her and her clan hunting rights in the Pride Lands. She remains loyal to him throughout his reign, supporting his every decision. However, after Scar betrays the hyenas by trying to blame them for Mufasa's murder, she does not hesitate in ending their alliance and ordering her clan to kill him; she even joins them in doing so.

Once Shenzi has set her eyes on her chosen prey, it's difficult for her to let it go. This is shown through her rivalry with Nala, whom she had failed to eat upon their first meeting. Their alliance under Scar's rule is the only factor that prevents them from fighting. Once the opportunity presents itself in the final battle, Shenzi shifts her attention to Nala in the midst of the battle and determines to succeed where she hadn't before.



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