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This article is about the character from the 1994 film.
You may be looking for the character from the 2019 film.

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Brown and cream

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Mom (by Nala)




Pride Lands


   Pride Landers
   Simba's pride

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Unnamed mate
Nala (daughter)
Kion (grandson)
Kiara (granddaughter)
Simba (son-in-law)

Hmm, what do you think, Sarabi?

Sarafina is a female lion. She is a member of Simba's pride. She is the mother of Nala.


Early life

Sarafina lived in the Pride Lands as a member of Mufasa's pride. At some point in her life, she met a male lion, with whom she had a daughter, Nala. When Nala was young, Sarafina came to an agreement with Mufasa and his mate, Sarabi, that her daughter would be betrothed to their son, Simba, and thus someday become the queen of Pride Rock.[1]

Mufasa's reign

Sarafina bathes her daughter, Nala.

One morning, Simba awoke his parents in the royal den of Pride Rock, where Sarafina was sleeping with Nala in her paws. Later, Sarafina gave Nala a bath while Sarabi dozed nearby. Nala asked Sarafina for permission to accompany Simba to the water hole, and Sarafina asked Sarabi for her opinion. With some persuasion, Sarabi relented.

Later, after Mufasa died in a stampede, Sarafina listened sorrowfully to Scar's eulogy. She then watched in shock and fear as Scar's hyena allies invaded Pride Rock.[1]

Physical appearance

Sarafina is a moderately sized lioness. She has a slender build and cream-colored fur, with a pale muzzle and underbelly. Her eyes are teal.[1]

Personality and traits

Sarafina is loving and maternal toward her daughter, Nala. She has respect for Sarabi and often looks to her for guidance.[1]




A lioness who strongly resembles Sarafina appears in the "The Ukumbusho Tradition" episode of The Lion Guard.

In development

  • During early production of The Lion King, Sarafina had a son named Mheetu.[8]
  • According to concept artwork, Sarafina originally had more lines, such as "Nala, you just had a bath!"[9]


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