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Sally Dworsky
Sally Dworsky
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July 13


St. Paul, Minnesota, U.S.

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1981 - present


Sally Dworsky is an American voice actress and singer-songwriter who is best known for singing in animated films such as Shrek, The Lion King, and The Prince of Egypt in addition to releasing her own albums.[1]


Born and raised in St. Paul, Minneapolis, Dworsky grew up with two siblings, her brother, Richard Dworsky, and her sister, Shosh Dworsky. She attended the Minnesota Children's Theater Conservatory and the University of Minnesota. She has also recorded and toured as a background vocalist with a number of different artists, her most extensive work being done with Don Henley.[2]

Her first film work was in the 1989 film, The Wizard. In 1991, she performed the song, "Turning Circles", in the film, The Cutting Edge, which co-starred Moira Kelly. Three years later, she worked again with Kelly, and provided the singing voice for Nala opposite Joseph Williams in the song, "Can You Feel the Love Tonight", which would win an Academy Award for Best Original Song. In 1998, she sang another Oscar-winning song, "When You Believe", opposite Michelle Pfeiffer, in The Prince of Egypt, which was composed by Hans Zimmer.

That same year, she released a solo album, Habit Trail, and later paired up with singer/songwriter Chris Hickey to lead the much-lauded band Uma. They released fare well in 1998, and continue to participate in each other's solo work. [3] Still to this day, Dworsky periodically returns to her native Minnesota and performs on radio's A Prairie Home Companion with her brother, Richard, the pianist and musical director of the show. [3]

Later, Dworsky reprised her singing role as Nala (alongside Joseph Williams as that of Simba) in the "Best Christmas of All" musical number in the Christmas special, Mickey's Magical Christmas: Snowed in at the House of Mouse.


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