Royal Mud Print Ceremony
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The Pride Lands


The Pride Lands Monarchy


A hero's prints are preserved in mud


The Lion Guard

Hadithi will press his talons into wet mud! When it dries, his prints will be preserved forever alongside those of other heroes!

The Royal Mud Print Ceremony is a special occasion in the Pride Lands that honors heroes. It is the preserving of an animal's prints in the mud alongside those of other animals who have been deemed heroes.


The Lion Guard

"Ono's Idol"

When a legendary eagle named Hadithi journeys to the Pride Lands, he is greeted by the kingdom's monarchs, Simba and Nala. The two praise him for his bravery and selflessness, and inform him that they would like to honor him with a Royal Mud Print ceremony. Bunga wonders what this ceremony is, and Ono explains that it is when a hero preserves his prints in mud alongside those of other heroes. Kion excitedly exclaims that he has seen such prints, but has never witnessed the ceremony.

Ono is honored with a Royal Mud Print ceremony

Simba then tasks Hadithi with mentoring Ono, who will serve as his young pupil for the day. Hadithi is honored by the proceedings, and asks Simba if a ceremonial nest will be provided to him. Ono volunteers the Lion Guard to build the nest, and they agree to the task.

Later, Hadithi arrives for the ceremony, and Simba once more praises him for his heroics. However, Hadithi becomes overrun with guilt and admits that he had abandoned Ono to danger. He and the Lion Guard then take off to save Ono. After the rescue, Hadithi and Ono return, and Ono is honored with the ceremony instead. Hadithi admits that instead of teaching Ono, he had been taught by Ono. He then praises Ono for being a natural hero.

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