The new stripes on your face and the color of your nose mean you're old enough to be a Royal Mjuzi. But you must learn to be quiet to hear the Lions of the Past.
Rafiki to Makini[src]

Royal Mjuzi is the title bestowed on the knowledge-keeper of the Pride Lands. This individual is responsible for preserving the kingdom's history, healing and caring for its inhabitants, and serving as the royal family's adviser. The position is currently held by Rafiki, who trained an apprentice, Makini. Makini later becomes the Tree of Life's Royal Mjuzi.



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Rafiki praises his apprentice, Makini, after she paints for the royal family

A Royal Mjuzi is chosen by the Great Kings of the Past at birth. Once they come of age, they begin training with a mentor, who passes on the history of the Pride Lands and teaches the younger how to speak with the lions of the past. The younger Royal Mjuzi is eventually introduced to the royal family, whom they are expected to serve when they're older.

The Tree of Life trains Royal Mjuzis as well.


Royal Mjuzis are tasked with preserving the history of the Pride Lands; this includes its celebrations, its pivotal events, and the bloodline of the royal family. They are also expected to preside over certain ceremonies, such as Kupatana, and assist the royal family by providing them advice and counsel.

Additionally, they have knowledge of herbs and are responsible for the healing of subjects.

Notable members

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Behind the scenes

  • Each tree in Mizimu Grove is planted by a Royal Mjuzi apprentice. Mizimu Grove has sixteen trees, which implies that there have been sixteen Royal Mjuzis.
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