Royal Duties
Royal Duties 1
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Jack Sutter


Oscar Martin

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February 23, 1999



Royal Duties is a comic inspired by The Lion King. It was published on February 23, 1999.


While near the the gorge, Mufasa tries to take a sleep so he can get away from Simba's nagging. That is until Simon, Simba's monkey friend, interrupts his nap by singing, and falls off the tree. Mufasa notices that the monkey is Simon, and tells him he needs his help. At the same time, Nala and Simba are cub wrestling, but Simba tells his best friend to knock it off, as he has more important things to do. He explains that he has to practice on his rearing since he'll be the future king, but Nala pins him down. As they wander on through the jungle, Simba is upset that he has to babysit little cubs.

Soon, Mufasa and Simon arrive, to which Simba complains how he'll get respect as the future king when he has to babysit young cubs. Mufasa explains that he and Simon came up with the idea, and that he'll let Simon teach Simba about royal responsibilities.

Mufasa leaves Simon to teach Simba. The first lesson Simon teaches Simba is how to attack, and when Simba pounces, he lands in mud. Simba argues with Simon that he knew he was going to land in the mud, but Simon replies by telling the royal cub that he must always be on his guard. Simon reteaches Simba on how to attack, and when Simba attacks, he hits his head on a tree. Simon mocks the cub by telling he has to look out for "trees and other stuff".

Angrily, Simba tells the monkey to come down, so he'll give me "some of your medicine". But, Simon tells him to come up to the tree, and give it to him to which Simba does. Simon escapes Simba, and tells the cub that he has to go as he has something to take care of. Later on, Simba hears some laughter, and know it is coming from Simon, and finds out he is playing with little monkeys.

Simon later tells Simba that his favorite duty is to teach the kids stuff they'll need later in life. He says if you play with the cubs, you'll also learn patience. Finally, Mufasa comes back, and questions how was Simba's day, to which Simba replies it was great. Because of Simon's teachings, Simba joyfully plays with the little cubs.


The following images are the six pages of this comic translated to English unofficially from its original language.

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