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That's Riptail! Ruler of all the crocodiles in the river and the reason none of us drinks here!
Lead monkey to Timon[src]

Riptail is a male crocodile.



Riptail lived in the jungle during Scar's reign. He was initially a terrible leader who hogged the river and prevented other creatures from crossing to the other side. His fearsome reputation was known throughout the jungle.

Hakuna Matata

Simba Rules, OK?

For a moment, I thought that cat would prove troublesome, but even he can see who rules 'round here!
―Riptail about Simba[src]

Riptail traps Simba

Riptail is a constant threat to Timon, Pumbaa, and all the other animals of the jungle when they try to get a drink from the river to cool off on a hot day. He almost eats Timon, but Simba saves him. A troop of monkeys observe the act, and Simba agrees to stand up to Riptail at the request of the lead monkey. Riptail subsequently falls into a trap Simba plans and is lassoed by vines. He later escapes without the others noticing and traps Simba in a tree, but he is then permanently trapped beneath a fallen tree.

Riptail deems Simba a worthy opponent, and in exchange for the crocodile's life, Simba has the monkeys set Riptail free. To prove his loyalty, Riptail helps the monkey troop across the river by bringing other crocodiles to help them across.

Physical appearance

Water seethed round a huge, scaly head. Cold eyes flashed as Timon turned and saw a mighty mouth full of terrible teeth.
―A physical description of Riptail[src]

The largest of the crocodiles, Riptail has a robust stature, scaly skin, and "razor sharp" teeth. His hide is dark green, while his underbelly and the lower part of his snout are paler in color. His eyes are red with slit pupils.

Personality and traits

So you can move and think quickly, lion called Simba. You make a worthy opponent! It's almost a pity we're enemies!
―Riptail to Simba[src]

At the onset of the story, Riptail is a bloodthirsty, selfish bully with too much power than he knows what to do with. His lust for blood makes him nearly unstoppable and very competitive when it comes to retaining his iron hold over the river. He makes a very stubborn enemy who rarely gives up, escaping almost every trap Simba concoctes for him, though the ultimate trap, death, stays his bloodlust and makes him into little more than a crocodile with a fierce will to live.

In the face of defeat, Riptail is humbled and realizes the error of his own ways. Turning from his obsession with power, Riptail decides to lead the river in friendship, rather than fear. A renewed leader with a willingness to treat other creatures with decency and equality, Riptail becomes a diplomat and a helping hand to the other creatures that can now share his watery domain.


  • A crocodile who looks exactly like Riptail appears in In Deep Water.
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