Rescuers in Need
Rescuers in Need 1
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Werner Wejp-Olsen


Oscar Martin

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April 1997



Rescuers in Need is a comic inspired by The Lion King. It was published in April of 1997.


Rescuers in Need begins with Sarabi, the queen of the Pride Lands, forbidding her son, Simba, to go on an exploratory expedition. However, she decides to let him go only up to the river, and to return to her by sundown. Simba goes up to the river, and begins to feel bored. So, Simba decides to venture off into the jungle, and hears a strange sound. Simba finds two ostriches crying, and approaches them asking why they are crying. The ostriches tell the cub that a pair of monkeys stole their egg. The mother ostrich tells Simba that they are playing ball with him, and they could easily break the egg. Simba decides to help the ostriches, and goes off to find the monkeys hopefully to talk with them.

The ostriches come along with Simba, and they see the monkeys toss the egg far up a tree. Simba jumps onto the tree demanding the monkeys to return the egg back to the parents, which results in one of the monkeys throwing the egg somewhere. The ostrich egg is later discovered hanging in the middle of two tree branches. The monkeys decide to leave, as they threw the egg so far up into the tree that they decide to not play with it anymore. Simba tries to climb up the tree, in hopes of retrieving it. When he grabs the egg, Simba falls off the tree, but the egg is saved thanks to Simba's back breaking the egg's fall.

The ostriches thank Simba, and when Simba tries to leave, he realizes he hurt his paw, leaving him not able to make it back to his mother before sundown. However, the ostriches reveal they are fast at running, and the father ostrich give Simba a ride on his back, while the mother ostrich stays behind to lay on her egg. Sarabi starts to get increasingly worried, until suddenly Simba shows up, right before sundown. Finally, the egg hatches, and reveals a female ostrich chick. The ostriches decide to name their daughter, "Simbarella".


The following images are the six pages of this comic translated to English unofficially from its original language.

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