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Mountain goat

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Brown, cream, and tan

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Tree of Life


Cek and Rama's flock

What a bad guy.
―Rama on Beshte[src]

Rama is a female mountain goat.


The Lion Guard

"Poa the Destroyer"

Rama is climbing up and down a cliff face when Beshte approaches and accidentally rains rocks down on her. Rama barely jumps to safety in time and believes Beshte to have deliberately thrown rocks at her.

Cek escapes

Rama barely escapes Beshte's falling rocks

The animals who were victims of Beshte's mistakes, including Rama, run into one another and resolve to report the incidents to the Night Pride. Pinguino mistakenly calls Beshte "Poa the Destroyer" due to his frequent catchphrase. The animals report on Beshte to Baliyo, describing him as a monster as tall as the Tree of Life who is on a path of destruction.

Later, when Beshte revisits the mountain goats, Rama acts evasively, not wanting to offend Beshte.

When the Lion Guard brings the animals to the Tree of Life to reconcile with Beshte, Pinguino clears Beshte's name. Rama then joins in on a celebratory chant for Beshte.

"Long Live the Queen"

Rama gathers with other animals outside the Tree of Life as Janna lies dying. When Makini announces that Janna has passed on, Rama reacts with sadness. She later attends Janna's funeral.

"Triumph of the Roar"

Rama is attacked by Makucha's army at the Tree of Life. However, the Lion Guard and the Night Pride save her and the other animals.

"Return to the Pride Lands"

Rama attends Kion and Rani's wedding.

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